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Interior Design Course - Statement of Interest

ammcooke 1 / -  
Jan 9, 2014   #1
This is a draft of a statement of interest for a Bachelor in Interior Design course that I am applying for. I have no real experience but a real passion that I have always wanted to pursue. Any advice would be REALLY appreciated, I would like to know am I even heading in the right direction with this? Thanks...

[b]In no more than 300 words, please write a short essay telling us about yourself and your interest in interior design. Also include a statement of commitment telling us why you wish to start now and why you will see your education through to the end.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to apply for the Bachelor of Interior Design Program at xxxx.

I have always had a keen interest in Art and Design from a young age. In High School I studied Classics for 1 year and it was here I started to gain a love for Art and History. As part of this course I visited Greece and did a tour of Delphi, Corinth and Athens. I got to see the rich architectural and design driven features that ancient Greece has to offer. From my visit to the Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens, I saw how the fundamentals in design and structure that we use today are based on these very designs. It was from this moment I realised how art, design and structure are integral parts of our everyday lives. In my early 20's I got the opportunity to visit Italy, the most memorable part of which was Florence where I visited the Uffizi Gallery. The incredible Architecture and Design everywhere I looked rekindled that flame of design which I knew I always wanted to pursue in the future.

I came to xxxx with my husband in January 2011, and we have spent the past 3 years setting up our lives here. We had our son in 2012 and we have just recently purchased our first family home in xxxx.

As a stay at home mother to a toddler of almost 2 years, my son has taught me that we really must spend our days doing what we love. I strongly believe that this program will provide me with a second chance to pursue something I am truly passionate about. From reading through the course description I feel that even without design experience it provides the student with fundamental skills from basic to advanced levels that will prepare them for a career in the Interior Design industry. I feel now is the right time to pursue my passion and to show my son that it is always possible to fulfil your goals, no matter what stage in life you are at.

I am a highly motivated and eager to learn individual who is committed to seeing this program all the way through.

Your Sincerely,
znack 7 / 31 5  
Jan 13, 2014   #2
the integral parts of our everyday lives

In my opinion that it is irrelevant to mansion about your son, with full respect to him :) as well about home.
However you can say about decoration of this house or try to teach baby to paint.
As your first paragraph is about the previous experience, try to present in the second paragraph what you can achieve with the degree from this Uni.

It would be right to add your goals and plans.

Good luck with your statement.

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