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Lebanon summer - university interview - working in a team

krkr12 2 / -  
Jan 29, 2019   #1
Hello every one
I am applying to a university that requires an interview and they released the 3 questions that would be asked, so I decided to write an essay for each question ad practise them the deadline for the interview is in the 1st of Feb. I wish you could help me with the essay and edit what needs editing and tell me if you think that the answers are good or not. I should speak for 1 and a half minute or less.


1-Tell us about a time when you had to work in a team and the team encountered a challenge or setback. Describe the process used by your team to collaboratively solve the problem? How will this experience affect your future collaborations?

Lebanon summer visit

In the summer of 2017, my family and I visited Lebanon, to meet my extended family.

I was appalled to see the conditions of many underprivileged children. I wanted to do something for them. I thought of helping them with their academics. These were the children who could not afford to go for expensive tutoring. I tried to spread a word amongst my friends group to help these children. Initially, it took some time to convince my cousins and friends to come together for this cause as all were in vacation mood. But as they started noticing how determined I was even they started showing interest. Initially, I convinced my elder cousin brother to join me. Slowly from a team of two, my team size increased to 10. From our pocket money, we purchased essential guides that could be distributed to these children. Posters were made and books and pens were ready. The whole event took over in 3 weeks, but we were able to help these children understand and do basic math alongside write and read Arabic. I understood the value of good communication skills and the art of sharing and giving back to society.

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,088 3250  
Jan 30, 2019   #2
KArim, the answer you are providing is inappropriate for the prompt. The essay question is designed to find out if you have any relevant amateur experience working in the field that you have chosen for your major. Or, if you have appropriate team work experiences, such as working in a fast food restaurant where you had to collaborate with others to get the food out, or working with a team on a class project that (may not) relate to your major and how you helped overcome the problems the group faced in completing the project. You failed to explain how this experience that you had will have any effect on your future collaborations. You cannot have your family members as a part of the team and your family should not have helped you resolve the problem. It would be better if you can revise your response to more properly explain your team work experience and how the skills you showed will be helpful when you have to work with a team during your course of study.

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