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Literacy rate of Pakistan -local, national, or international concern

shiza 1 / -  
Oct 8, 2012   #1
Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.

The literacy rate of Pakistan is hardly 45 percentage . Every year thousands of illegal means and corruption are being reported , which ends with no result . This illegal means and copy culture are ruining the lives of students . It degrades the deserving students and plays with their careers . Pakistani students take examination under no security and vigilance , many students take mobile phone , notes , academic books with them and take examination by cheating , moreover many students use money and relations for good result .

Last year , I came to know about the carelessness of examiner and non serious attitude of government , when I first time took board examination , the environment of exam center was same as media told , cell phones , books in the hands of students taking examination . It was very degrading and distracting for me , the question paper was tough , so I was having problem in writing but the students having books with them were copying from authorized books giving accurate answers . It was unbearable when examiner snatched answer sheet of my friend without any reason and gave it to her relative student , making my friend helpless . After it for all my papers I was morally weak and unconfident .

In addition , when result was declared , it baffled me because I received 68 marks in physics out of 100 which were too less to get in into any university . I then got my marks corrected through remarking process ( not rechecking ) ND fortunately increased to 86 .

This copy culture has shaken me from inside . In order to maintain the real spirit of peace and progress everyone has to make effort to stop this fast creeping culture.

Jennyflower81 - / 690 96  
Oct 8, 2012   #2
The literacy rate of Pakistan is hardly 45 percentage .
You could say it like this: "In the country of Pakistan, the literacy rate is disturbingly low; only 45 percent of people can read."

Every year,thousands ofthe educational system is plagued with illegal meansactivity and corruption,are being reported , which ends with no result .which has no solution in sight.

Pakistani students take examinationsunder nowithout security and vigilanceor discipline.M any students take mobile phones , notes , andacademictextbooks with them.andThey take examinations by cheating , moreoverand many students will use money and relations for a passing test score.good result .

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