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Why my major and what opportunities at Georgia Tech will prepare me in that field after graduation?

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Oct 7, 2019   #1
--Why do you want to study your chosen major at Georgia Tech, and what opportunities at Georgia Tech will prepare you in that field after graduation? (300 max)

Why my major and why Georgia Tech

Juno I, Atlas-Agena, Mercury-Redstone. These are some of the rockets displayed at the rocket garden at the Kennedy Space Center. As I took in the immensity of each structure, another feeling washed over me: desire. A desire to one day design something as marvellous, iconic and complex as these rockets, maybe even fly in one. With the growing movement to begin to colonize the Moon and even send manned missions to Mars, my interest in rocket science has piqued, wanting to be a part of this challenge. The aerospace program is a highly regarded program and can open the door to reach my goals. The opportunities are vast and can help me learn new skills, improve upon current one, and also keep me active socially. Undergraduate entrepreneurship, research, and internship opportunities will help me grasp new skills early on and apply them to my graduate studies and later on. The diverse clubs will also cultivate my interest in aerospace and bring it to a new level. With clubs such as the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and the Yellow Jacket Flying and Space programs, I can interact with others who have similar interests and discuss their experiences, which will improve me not only academically, but personally. I also believe Georgia Tech has opportunities to help foster social interaction and relaxation, rather than an acute focus on only academics. Clubs like India club and GT Qurbani dance team can help me experience more of my culture and harbor my knowledge of my home country. Other clubs such as Esports at Georgia Tech and Human vs. Zombies will encourage me to find time away from studies to hang out with friends with similar interests and serve new interests I acquire.
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Oct 9, 2019   #2
Welcome to the forum! I'm here to provide you with feedback on your writing. I hope this truly becomes an enriching and knowledgeable experience for you. Don't be afraid to approach us if you have more questions!

Structurally speaking, having only one integral paragraph doesn't appeal in the simplest sense. This drags your writing, making it appear as though there's no focal point. What I would suggest is, even in shorter essays such as this, try to still compartmentalize your writing into shorter chunks.

Say, for instance, take paragraph A as space for you expound on your background and how this triggered you to have passion for the field. Paragraph B can be dedicated to your current line of experiences that attest that you are moving towards the field. Paragraph C can as your space for aspirations, goals, and a short remark on why you deserve the position.

Try to also avoid giving out details that are not directly correlated to the study, especially because you are working confined with a word count. Good luck!

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