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Why do you want to study your chosen major at Georgia Tech? - GATech Supplement #1

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Sep 2, 2018   #1

why Georgia Tech essay

Hi, this is my first undergrad supplement, so any specific advice to this essay or general advice on how to tackle future supplements would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

250 words: Why do you want to study your chosen major at Georgia Tech, and how do you think Georgia Tech will prepare you to pursue opportunities in that field after graduation?

One of my favorite programs is the Sound of Sorting. It's a simple program: using sorting algorithms that I didn't quite understand, blocks of varying heights went from randomized to a pretty staircase. The visuals, however, were not alone. It was almost overshadowed by its own musical accompaniment. Each block played its own distinct pitch when moved or accessed, resulting in a melody of electronic beeps. There was something beautiful about how the chaotic song was brought about by its polar opposite: order.

Through this elementary program, I saw (and heard) the versatility of computer science, combining itself with my passion for music. I realized how essential modeling could be to bridge the gap between any programmer with its audience. With Georgia Tech's Threads program, I could indulge my interest for modeling immediately during freshman year, being able to combine it with a traditional CS theory track. This would give me the ability to explore traffic flow, a problem that I am reminded of in a grueling cyclic fashion. Commuting stands as a global timewaster. I would like to not only see it, but show it as efficiently as possible.

This goal is feasible with the multitude of research opportunities on campus, allowing for my own individualized pursuit. This would take my ideas from personal ambitions to potential implementation. Georgia Tech would give me an alarming rate of education, serving as the best use of my time and allow a seamless transition into workforce.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,001 4238  
Sep 3, 2018   #2
Bill, your explanation still does not explain why you chose to enroll at GT. The why is not clear because there is a lack of reference to a professional goal after graduation. The how does not have a clear explanation because you did not focus on an explanation regarding how you will develop a personalized curriculum based on the Threads program. There are 2 avenues for study that you could choose from. Either the modeling and simulation or the theory program can fit into the description of your interests above.

You have to do more research about the Threads program. You obviously just read the front page of the site, but did not really go deeper into the offerings and training programs that each program under the curriculum offers its students. Explain what kind of study program you plan to implement for yourself and how this will have a future application in terms of your career plans. You can't leave your response essay to represent a non-existent to very shallow reasoning for your why and how responses.

The prompt is testing your interest in GT and your knowledge of its programs in relation to that interest. Right now, the reviewer will see that you are not familiar with the university and its programs. Nor do you have any plan for your time as a student there. This essay will not help your application. Write a new one that honestly responds to the questions being asked.

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