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"55 in a 73 mile zone" - My college application essay without a prompt

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Nov 10, 2010   #1
Any feedback would be amazing and taken into a lot of consideration. Thank you so much for reading my application essay.
This college application essay doesn't have a prompt, just a time in my life that is important.
Again, Thank you!
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73 In a 55 Zone.
"żCuál es el propósito para nosotros en esta tierra?"
As we were sitting in the pews of the funeral, those words echoed through out the church, which ultimately left an everlasting imprint on me. My mom, not knowing what the priest said, nudged me in the ribs. "He said what is the purpose for us on this earth?" Before she asked, I didn't bother tackling the question but as I sat there, I began to search for my own interpretation of the answer. We are living on this planet to experience emotions and act upon them, which lead to the production of magnificent things whether it be creating a cure for cancer or bearing a child to love and nurture.

David had great dreams of growing grapevines in the desert and watching vibrant fruit grow from the dry land. Love emanated throughout the walls of the church and into my heart, creating a familiar emotion. He followed his passion and had his family supporting him in his far-fetched endeavors. People said his dream was preposterous, but he was persistent on watching the miracles of life, proving the skeptics wrong. Confucius once said, "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." Most people told David he would never succeed which constantly broke his spirit, but he grew from the criticism and learned from his mistakes, forming a stronger man than before. He reflected upon his faults and what others had expressed to him and turned it into positive actions, which I highly respected. As the funeral finally drew to an end, our journey back home began.

My heart began to accelerate at an unhealthy rate as the luminous red and blue lights began to flash. The unbearable heat of Calexico, California, made the situation more uncomfortable. The police officer confidently walked toward the window and handed me a speeding ticket as embarrassment sunk deep within my skin. At that moment I had fallen. I realized the love my mom had for me as she supported me through this experience. Instead of sulking in my errors, I thought of David and how he took all of the negative energy expressed toward him and transformed it into something positive and something he could gain from. I decided on taking this new outlook on life I had just been submerged in, and realized how I should not only slow down on the road but I should also start to decelerate on my own life and begin to appreciate what I already have. Like Confucius said, life is about falling and I realize that only the strong get up, brush the dirt off and keep progressing on with life. When I received the speeding ticket, I understood that it was a sign for me to learn and grow from the consequences of my poor actions instead of never wanting to drive again.

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