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From Napoleon to Genes - diversity in thought

Isabellaalmeida 11 / 26 5  
Nov 17, 2017   #1
In an increasingly global and interdependent society, there is a need for diversity in thought, background, and experience in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. How do you see yourself contributing to the diversity of Caltech's community? (200 word max)

the "interest"

From Napoleon's battles to genetic engineering; from Communism in China to Fermat's Last Theorem: my studies and experiences in different fields, from Philosophy to Biology, broadened my mechanisms of logic, reasoning and analysis of scientific issues. Throughout my High School years, the insights and skills I acquired when studying Geography or Sociology, for example, granted me with widen tools of thinking, decomposing and solving problems.

Studying Symbolism poems helped me to gather the apparently uncorrelated pieces and build the big picture; to look for the essential information, removing pointless data. Also, the cause-consequence perception I acquired when studying Historical events and their development broadened my approach of Mechanic and Thermodynamic problems. Similarly, the different sequences of amino acids and their correlation to codons and proteins provided me unconventional insights into Permutation and Combinatorial Analysis.

It's like unraveling knots: there are infinite possibilities, but choosing the right dot may save you a lot of time. Likewise, take a look at Rafaello Sanzio's School of Athens: the convenient and suitable use of each color is what makes it a masterpiece - that's the "interest" I want to bring to Caltech's community.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,000 3875  
Nov 18, 2017   #2
Isabella, you have approached this essay from a highly academic angle. That is good. You have shown the reviewer that you have the ability to excel at a dazzling rate within the STEM curriculum you have chosen. I will not find any fault with that. It is tremendously good work. However, you have focused so much on proving your academic response that you failed to read in between the lines of the prompt. How can you take all of these academic influences and diverse STEM related thoughts that you have in order to help you become a productive member of the Caltech community? When does this academic enlightenment merge with your social goals / needs / accomplishments at the university? Where do you draw the line between academics and relaxation? Try to revise the essay in such a manner that your highly intricate, but diverse scientific and mathematical interests will translate into things that will help you become at ease with the Caltech student body. How can you use everything you have learned in STEM within a social setting? Explain how you can successfully combine the two in order to develop the strongest possible response that still holds on your love of academics while showing that you have a friendly and socially interested side as well.

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