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Negative Effects of Technology on Society Critical Analysis.

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Oct 31, 2017   #1

critical analysis essay on an article

My teacher has assigned me to write a critical analysis essay on an article she sent me.Article is this teenink./nonfiction/academic/article/482544/Negative-Effects-of-Technology-on-Society/

Summary was written in class, so i will add it after she grades it.I left some space for it. I'm unsure about my thesis statement. And what can i write as negative critique in the article?

Review: Reynoldsburg, Nables (2012). Negative Effects of Technology on Society.

Technological advancement is the inevitable future, it is not just a part of us anymore, it became an essential element of defining us as well. Devices create us a world where we can live, and be how we want to be. Impacts of technology on the social life and human behavior are undeniable. In the article of "Negative Effects of Technology on Society," author Nables Reynoldsburg states his viewpoints regarding these impacts. Even though author's claims and supports are biased, the article itself is well written and successfully convinces the reader.


Nables successfully intensifies his arguments by using real-life examples and quotes from other writers. He designates his ideas related to common problems that society faces while using technology. Moreover, he is very passionate about this issue and its affinity with the human nature. One example for efficient use of evidence he makes is verifying his argument by using data from statistics. He touches to the fact that technology is addictive and it steals our time from us. Recent studies of The University of Maryland show that students admit having cravings, anxiety attacks and depression when forced to abstain from using technology.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,662 4753  
Nov 1, 2017   #2
The links you provided for access to the article do not work. Nothing is loading onto the page. So I won't be able to read the article in order to help you. I do have an idea as to how you can develop positive and negative critiques of the article. You can read what other people said about it on the web. Input the article title then at the end, add the keyword "reviews". That should bring up a listing of the different opinions written by people who have read the article. Now, provided you have read the original article, you should be able to decide whose negative and positive opinions you agree with and then use those as inspirations for your own article analysis. Unfortunately, we can't help you any further than this because of the problem with the links you sent. Now, you only get one free advice and this is it. Read what others before you have opined about the article and work from there.

Home / Undergraduate / Negative Effects of Technology on Society Critical Analysis.
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