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Some people feel that advertising has negative effects on our society

Hoangson 1 / -  
Sep 27, 2023   #1
Some people feel that advertising has negative effects on our society because it encourages people to buy more unneeded items, while others feel that it is beneficial for our economy.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The question of whether advertising has negative effects on our society is a highly debated topic. while some people believe that it encourages us to buy more unneeded items, others argue that it is beneficial for our economy.

Basically, advertising is becoming an integral part of the consumer economy. That is, it helps consumers know about any products that have just been released, thus, they can find things with the best bargains in the marketplace. Additionally, it is able to help businesses approach maximum potential customers. As a result, businesses can leverage this to organize fascinating competitions to enhance their transaction conversion rate. Finally, business profit might increase significantly but it also brings drawbacks to consumers.

Advertising is thought helpful in some ways, but it negatively influences consumer's buying behaviors. In fact, we saw a number of untruth advertisements which mostly appeared on social media such as Facebook, and Instagram,.... For instance, individuals might spend more money on products that they hope will be more convenient and have high quality, but it just disappoints them. On the other hand, these useless things will end up at landfill sites, representing a huge waste of resources. On top of that, consumers gradually lose their beliefs and have an awful experience when making a decision to buy something from an advertisement.

To conclude, advertising has both positive and negative effects on consumers. Although such activities are becoming more beneficial for the consumer economy, it might hidden manifold problems that we should pay more attention to.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,898 4797  
Oct 8, 2023   #2
Make sur eyou follow the writing rudiments for the English language. Every first word of a new sentence is written with a capital letter. You neglected to follow this basic writing rule several times in your essay. The fact that you did not correct these repeated errors means you either do not know that rule or, you did not bother to proof read and edit your essay before submission. Whatever the reason, you will receive extensive GRA deductions based on those errors in writing presentaiton.

The prompt paraphrase is good enough, but without the correct thesis statement that represents your personal opinion, the examiner will be forced to score down that preliminary scoring paragraph. You need to present your writer's opinion clearly at the start as a part of the partial grading process for your essay.

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