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The next generation of technology - Personal statement for apply the British university.

Voidburn Rong 1 / -  
Sep 15, 2020   #1

the era of the interactive devices is coming

In 2017, I was fascinated when watched the promotional video of Hololens for the first time; soon after, I realized that the superposition of real and virtual has become possible: the era of the interactive device is coming. In consequence of curiosity, I promptly experienced VR in a mall, however, a project cost 100 yuan, which got me thinking how to facture an inexpensive interactive device for myself.

My friend and I decided that based on cardboard and phone as alternative materials to complete a simple device and started the project in the summer of 2020. Initially, we did not give much thought to adding complex designs to viewing the phone, just used a cuboid to keep the phone and the glasses on the same horizontal line. The highlight of the first generation was the headband that attached the device to the head. Originally, we deemed that the flexibility of the rubber band would allow people with different head circumference to wear the device, so we only fixed it from left to right. However, the moment effect was ignored by us, which led the device to be top-heavy. Although I added a new headband from front to back to try to save the device, it was still too little. Coupling with a design defect on the defect on the nose and Eye Discomfort due to long-term use, we developed the next generation. During the design process, I proposed a periscope model, which uses mirror reflection to avoid looking directly at the phone, then placed a Fresnel Lens in the middle to distinguish between the bright and dark areas and to focus. We also designed a hole for the nose. Unfortunately, headband is removed finally because of the uncertainty. In practice, not only the knowledge itself but also understand the rigor of physics, combined with the use of reality, which makes me captivate by engineering.

Despite having a mobile power charger, I am constantly plagued by a shortage of electricity. While the idea of a hand-cranked mobile power supply by using magneto-electric technology is set forth from me, but it is hampered by the size and power of the generator. After that, I studied the knowledge of photoelectricity in A2 physics and read some extensive articles, I came across a new concept: Photovoltaic Effect means when light strikes some of the semiconductor material, the electrons are excited by photon and across the P-N bond in one direction easier than from opposite direction, so one side of the P-N bond accumulates electrons and gains negative voltage. I assembled a lot of smaller solar panels into a larger one, but the conversion efficiency was very low: only 16%. After I covered the panel with a layer of suede glass, which reduces the reflection of sunlight, thus increasing the efficiency to 20%. In my opinion, solar panels are an ideal resource of electricity to supply interactive devices, because they will always be used outside.

My team has been discussing a lot about networking with interactive devices outdoors, and I have done a UAV network experiment. Although I do not have a drone specifically for the Internet, and the payload capacity was insufficient, the research was at an impasse. Fortunately, the problem was solved by the connection between some phones and the camera from the UAV. I just tested the network in two phones, one is used for remote control and another is for video transmission. The results are based on IEEE 802.11 standards, they show that in terms of required average throughput and delay, many applications that require a small number of hops between the communication nodes can be dealt with by WIFI technology.

It is worth mentioning that programming techniques are an important part of electronic engineering and are one of my strengths. Moreover, I created an AR simple hand tracking application, Along with tips from talent shared code on Github. This is a good way to enhance my ability.

I have always seen myself as a challenger. I am passionate about the love areas, though it may be tough, I never hold back. That promotional video from three years ago always has been guiding me to move on. But I cannot wait to start university study journey and learn more knowledge to continue challenging the future.

Prompt: I hope this PS can be more engaging.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,667 3487  
Sep 15, 2020   #2
I am not sure if this personal statement is being written for a masters degree application or an undergraduate course application. Each has a specific set of personal statement information for its presentation. The lack of clarity regarding the personal statement use is what will prevent me from offering more targeted comments regarding your presentation.

As this is a personal statement, the university often provides a prompt for you to respond to. I am not sure what the prompt you are responding to is. Is this about something that fascinates you? If it is, then you did an acceptable job of representing your interest in VR development. However, you are discussing more than one aspect of your interest in technology and its scientific applications. I think you need to narrow down the focus of your essay based upon the actual discussion requirements of the prompt. I am unable to address which aspects to improve and delete due to the lack of clarity in your title and missing prompt prior to the essay presentation. I am not sure how to make it more engaging for the reader without the instructions / writing guidelines.
imhana 5 / 9 5  
Sep 15, 2020   #3
Hi @Voidburn Rong

I think it is better for you to make a personal statement based on this questions to make your personal more structured:

1. why you want to study XXXX programme?
2. why you want to study XXXX programme at XXXX University?
3. what particularly attracts you to this programme?
4. how your academic and/or professional background meets the demands of a challenging academic environment?
5. where you would like to go professionally with your degree?

To be honest with you, I can not see the pattern of your personal statement, by answering those questions I think it will be easier for the college admissions to understand and review your personal statement.

Good luck! I hope you can get the offer!

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