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"What is one thing you do really well?" (communication): The Ohio State University

RioToblerone 1 / 1  
Oct 8, 2010   #1
Hello, I'm new here but I was hoping people could help me with my essay, any feedback/criticism will be appreciated, thanks in advance. The prompt is:

"Consider your talents and strengths, academic and otherwise. What is one thing you do really well?"

If I feel there is one thing I can do really well, I believe it is the ability to express myself through communication. When I found some adjustments in my life extremely difficult to make I had a desire to connect with people and make an understanding, and I believe people can know me best in conversation.

When I was eight years old I visited my aunt and uncle on a military base in Yokohama, Japan for the summer. When I first arrived I was not at all familiar with the language or the culture of the Japanese people. There was a very unsettling tension and I felt alone and confused during my stay.

When I returned home to the States I self-taught myself the basics of the Japanese language in hopes of avoiding that uncomfortability. Coincidentally Japanese animation sparked a high interest in the culture itself for me around the same time. When I returned to Japan the following summer I used my basic foundation in the language to immerse myself into the surroundings. As a result I became fluent in the language and knowledgeable in the culture over the course of the following four summers, gained valuable friends and proved to myself that words do not create barriers.

Again, I appreciate any suggestions if you may.

hopetequiere - / 2  
Oct 8, 2010   #2
I love the topic you chose, it seems different from what others might write about. I'm not a great writer myself, so I don't feel like I should give you any suggestions other than the fact that "self-taught myself" is pretty repetitive. You should replace it with "taught myself".
OP RioToblerone 1 / 1  
Oct 8, 2010   #3
Oh wow, I didn't even notice that until now and it does sound extremely repetitive. Thank you so much for pointing that out!

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