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"Oprah, my favorite American television host" - NYU suplement

kamielaziza 5 / 5  
Dec 26, 2010   #1
Please help me with any grammar error, and well tell me what they think about my responses. Thank you!

If you had the opportunity to bring any person -- past or present, fictional or nonfictional -- to a place that is special to you (your hometown or country, a favorite location, etc), who would you bring and why? Tell us what you would share with that person.

I will bring Oprah Winfrey-my favorite American television host-to my beloved hometown, Indonesia. I want to share how her programs-The Oprah Show-and her life stories have influenced and inspired my social life. They have taught me about the wonderful if we could share with other people in the world. I want her to get together to help people in my country. Not only in America, but also people all over the world need help and motivation from her.

Give me some advices please!!!

AngelofLogic 5 / 9  
Dec 26, 2010   #2
I would bring Oprah Winfrey,my favorite American television host, to my beloved hometown, Indonesia.

other than that, the other poster has given you a lot of advice.

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