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"Path of Fire"- Common App Personal Essay Prompt

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Jun 12, 2022   #1

Path of Fire

Life is a struggle. Putting the struggle into creativity makes life meaningful and immortal. Those who walk this path of life are on fire. Good use of fire makes human life great. Fire is a dutiful, useful, and powerful object.

Fire is an object that gives heat, red hot or light. Whether it is fire made by burning wood or firewood or red hot made by burning coal or Dry dung fuel. Whether it is the fire burning in the forge or the Aarti (a Hindu religious ritual of worship in which light is offered to one or more deities) circulating in the temple. Whether it is a candle burning in a room, a bulb, or the sun shining in the sky, the stars are all sources of fire. Whether it's a flickering firefly in the dark or a flickering Tukki (old-time lamp) in the bedroom, lantern everyone's job is to cut through the darkness and give light.

There is no definite proof of the invention of fire and the opinion of the scientists is not the same. Some believe that the primitive ancestors Homo erectus was invented 700,000 years ago, and some say that the primitive community human Hono Habilis was invented 1 million years ago. However, in the case of fire, Michael Chazen, an anthropologist at the University of Toronto, explains: "Fire controls all elements of human society under human control." He says, " It could have been a major step towards socializing in groups around the fire, which makes us human." Yes, indeed, the ancient man of the Jungle Age may have been a milestone in this state. The invention of the match in 1830 made it even easier.

The job of fire is to steal darkness. Is to scatter light. It is to give a new shape to the object according to the desire of the people. Is to do welfare of the creature.

Yes, the same fire that can be the only light to show the world to the creature, can be the garment or ornament of man. Where is it possible to quench your hunger or run a computer without fire? If there was no fire, we would still be living in the same forest. The same cave was used as a shelter. We used to eat the same root, didn't we?

Yes, the same fire, the spark that our forefathers made by rubbing stones. Today, a black Smith has shaped various tools, just as Gold Smith has shaped the ornaments according to taste and need, just as a teacher has cultivated the letter and quenched the hunger for knowledge of the disciple is to be a fire, making a life is to be a fire.

The fire is blazing. Can't always be the same There may be load shedding. Can be extinguished. It can slow and set down, but it can also erupt with the speed of the wind and become a volcano. There is no end to fire, it is eternal. It can burn anyway. Can fulfill his duty, can fulfill religion. Life cannot be imagined without fire.

I still remember. My parents said, "Son! You must be like a fire. Give it a try, it never fails. "I am trying to become a fire in the colorful city of my dreams by becoming the blaze of the same village. I am struggling to become the same blaze. Even when I think of living in the city, expensive, financial condition of the house, my mind comes to rest, but I am walking on the path of the fire, rising like a lone pole star to fulfill my desires, my parents' dream.

The same fire, like Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Elon Musk's Rocket, Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook fire's I should be. That is my life, my creativity, and my goal. May God kiss these hardworking hands.....

" This is my scratch sample of personal essay. Let me know if any suggestion to be made"
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Jun 12, 2022   #2
There are several common apps available. Each with a specific character driven response focus. The questions are meant to help the reviewers get to know the applicant better based on significant events and insights. The witten interview must be clearly related to some personal topic that will show a desire for something in the student. What it is not is a directionless essay about Fire.

This essay cannot be used as a common app response, not even for the open topic explanation because it veers away from a character discussion and reads more like a social study about five and its ongens. It does not help develop or inspire a clear character discussion about the applicant.

It lectures more than it informs. It analyzes others rather than studies the applicant. The aim of the common app prompts are not met by this writing. It can be used as a writing sample but not an app response essay.

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