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"My reflection through the car window" - common app essay

sohaiblol 1 / -  
Oct 14, 2023   #1

Common Application essay

As I looked at my reflection through the car window, I came to understand that the car's problems truly mirrored who I am as a person. Much like my car's horrendous brakes and its inability to slow me down smoothly, it reminded me of life's unpredictability that had left me needing control and balance. The brakes helped me understand the significance of 'braking' in life. The ability to decelerate, come to a stop, and accelerate in life's unexpected turns and curves was a gift for many people. I fortunately enough was gifted the opportunity to fulfill a family responsibility by taking leadership.

I truly don't know how to connect bad brakes and me being 'urged/encouraged' to work in my family business because of my dads femur injury.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,441 4691  
Oct 14, 2023   #2
The essay is not complete so I cannot truly review it and give you advice on how to improve it. I think that was either sent too soon or you have only written up to this part of the essay? I think that the first paragraph is good. However, I do not know which common app prompt you are trying to respond to so I am not sure if this will be applicable as a response to it. The next part, I am even more uncertain about since there is only 1 sentence written there. Please find the time to upload the complete essay so that I can give you a full review of your presentation. Thanks.

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