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Respiratory Therapist is my chosen profession

Nov 26, 2011   #1
What led you to choose Respiratory Therapist as a profession? What are its strenths? What are some potential issues you can see.
Well I'm still in the process of writing the essay, but i was wondering if it's okay to start off with a meaningful description of a situation that has impacted my life and then go straight into why i choose being a RT.


Lying on the bed, just a foot away from me, was my best friend, Sukhmani. She looked pale and weak, yet beyond those beautiful eyes, I could see a hint of happiness. I wished I could go up to her and comfort her, but I knew it would of no use. Her hair left her body slowly like leaves falling down on the group in the coldest time of autumn. Her innocent face reminded me of our happy memories that we had together. As young eleven year-old girls, we would play with Barbie dolls. When we had nothing to do, we would climb up in the tree house her father had built for her. Her backyard was where we spent most of our time, sharing stories and dreaming of becoming princesses. Right now, deep inside, I knew those days would not come back or even replay themselves. Even though the memories would last forever, something would be missing. Soon, her family encircled her, some weeping, others in shock. However, her mother was completely strong. She did not cry hysterically like the other women. She just stared emotionless at her daughter. I knew I had to be strong and just think about the happy times, but I couldn't do it. Tears rolled down my cheeks, as I knew the time was coming soon. I didn't want this vicious life sucking disease: cancer, to take her away from me. One day the inevitable happened. She was no longer at the hospital or at the doctors, but now somewhere in a special place that I could probably not even imagine.

As a young girl brought up in a family, owning businesses, Respiratory Therapist may have never crossed my mind until the heartrending death of my best friend. From that very moment, I knew what I wanted to do in my life, not just as a career. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." It takes motivation, perseverance, and self-discipline attain the goals set in life.

Nov 26, 2011   #2
HI Jasleen,

I think your idea is fine, but you may want to condense your experience. The experience you had is nice though.


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