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It seems that being odd isn't that very odd after all - Uchicago supplement

Heathen5 1 / -  
Nov 11, 2018   #1

Uchicago supplement - What's so odd about odd numbers?

Would love to get some feedback on this:

What's so odd about odd numbers?
-Inspired by Mario Rosasco, AB'09

Odd numbers are ridiculously odd. In fact, the oddity of odd is such that even language has played an odd joke on it. The word odd and its synonyms, all have an odd number of syllables: odd, strange, weird, abn-orm-al, un-us-ual, and pec-ul-iar.

Their lack of straightforward divisibility and simple symmetry is odd. There will always be that one stubborn remainder of thought that will stick around until it has made its (decimal) point. It is that natural determination and restlessness that defines their work ethic. Their willingness to take the hard way if necessary however isn't shared by the evens, which makes these odds unaided but consequently self-reliant.

Despite adding countless evens to an odd number, it shall yet remain odd. This persistence to remain odd, is odd. Odds aren't scared to embrace their oddness, even under constant pressure to conform and submit to prevailing societal norms and beliefs. Odds have the courage to openly assert conflicting opinions and be original. However, odds do not shy away from correcting their stance under proper justification - odds can be evened if multiplied with evens.

What's odd is that most odd numbers are exact figures that are rounded to even tens and hundreds. The odds don't even 99 into 100 per se. It is this strive for perfection and accuracy that makes the odds stand out but hard to keep up with. No matter how much hate these odds receive, they remain intact to their vision. The fact that they are called odd despite there being one odd integer for every even integer is also odd. Does that mean it is odd to call odd numbers odd? An odd inception?

It seems that being odd isn't that very odd after all. Our skewed preferences for mainstream and convenient choices over bizarre ideas restrict us to develop an individual insight. In reality, odd is oddly odd and so is even oddly even.

-My Name
(A member of the odd society)

(This essay is quite odd with 42 odds)

Fizzik 1 / 2  
Nov 16, 2018   #2
I'm sure this goes without saying, but, "odd" is repeated too many times. Is there a purpose to the number of repetitions? If not, I'd find a better way to convey the point.

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