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State why you wish to leave your present college and attend Virginia Tech

vvo22181 1 / -  
Jan 15, 2018   #1

Transfer to Virginia Tech essay

During my first year at University, while being enrolled in the Business Living Learning Community, I feel that it is not challenging enough for my academic standards. However, I do not regret going to this school. My first year at this school has taught me so much and has been a major part of my successes, but I want to attend a school where I will be able to show my full potential. I know that attending Virginia Tech as a Business major will benefit me greatly from the amazing professors, supportive community, and from the variety of clubs. For example, I plan on joining the Finance club as well as a Business fraternity, such as Delta Sigma Pi to help me excel in any business related endeavors. I also wish to transfer because I feel that I am not getting the best college experience that I could be getting at Virginia Tech. Instead of dreading the days until my next break, I want to be proud of the school I go to. Not only does Virginia Tech have undoubtedly one of the best education in the state, but the school spirit and the atmosphere are just as great. From my last campus visit, I went to a football game and I have to say that was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Nothing compares to a school so proud and full spirited that they are a Hokie. I hope to call Virginia Tech my new home.

Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Jan 16, 2018   #2
vincent, you are not presenting compelling reasons for your transfer to Virginia Tech. It sounds more like you are more focused on the extra curricular activities than the academics. the academic reason is the important reason that the reviewer wants to learn about in your response. Are you enrolling in the same major at Virginia Tech? If yes, then explain the curriculum differences that make you feel that you are not being academically challenged at your previous university. Tell the reviewer what courses you feel are more relevant to your academic objectives that can only be found at Virginia Tech. Your focus on the student enjoyment at Virginia Tech seems to be the more compelling reason for your reason to transfer and that, is the weakest reason you can give a reviewer. It will not convince him that you will be a good addition to their student roster and community.

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