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My Study Plan Essay to Apply for Hospitality Management - Glion

Laurence27 1 / -  
Oct 29, 2012   #1
Hospitality is something I am very passionate about. I always want to do it from I was still in secondary school. There are quite a lot of factors that motivate me to go for hospitality courses. Hospitality industry nowadays continues to grow very rapidly and the World Travel Organization predicts that this thrilling industry of hospitality will triple in size by the year of 2020. This is giving me a huge opportunity to build my career in this most dynamic industry. Moreover, going into hospitality courses is not only about acquiring knowledge to work in a hotel at a certain position, but it has a wide range of amazing things to learn such as restaurant management, events organization, the importance of socializing, building a lot of connections with other people, and travel and tourism, as well as learning some languages which is extremely important. Thus, it is very exciting because it suits well with my characteristics as a person who is very eager to get entirely involved with the hospitality world.

I love to interact with people on a personal basis especially new people such as guests and give my best effort to satisfy their need of understanding about the system of a hotel or probably a restaurant and transform their visit. I would be fully glad if I can answer their every questions in a very great detail because being so helpful and also friendly is a very basic characteristics people in the hospitality industry should have. The satisfaction of the guests is a priority. I am easily connected with people surround me and it absolutely makes me easier to gain a lot of new informations. Thus, I could share those information with the guests, the clients and everyone who are involved. Furthermore, it's always and will always be my dream to work in a place where we have to dress neatly in suits and heels, carrying a notepad and busy walking around assigning tasks of those precious guest because I feel classy and elegant. I love seeing people passing by in their own concern of business, looking at them interacting with other people, gathering with family and enjoying what they are doing as it creates a very peaceful and catchy atmosphere in the circumstances. Other than that, I have some personal experiences of organizing a Christmas event in my uncle's hotel. I took part in decorating the stage with fancy lights and arranging the list of rehearsals. I was truly honoured to get my uncle's trust to hands on in this fascinating occasion. I was totally in love with what I was doing, and I got to know a lot of people and their experiences too. It has taken discipline, commitment, and leadership through long hours and unexpected problems. I learned to be confident and handle kinds of guest because it's not only about patient that it took, it's all about respect, to your guests, yourself and your job. It was unforgettable moment and priceless experience, everything went well as expected. What a pleasant time and wonderful memories I had.

Therefore, I want to develop my ability and interest in hospitality and I have chosen the right university to go into. I would love to go to GIHE (Glion Institutes of Higher Education) to pursue my further study and get my Bacholer degree there. Choosing a school and a right place to study hospitality is not something to be underrated because the circumstances, curriculum, and friends affect the most. Glion is the second best hospitality school world wide and it is in Switzerland, Europe. Students all over the world come to study there and you can practice and improve your english skills. You can learn new interesting and unique cultures of many countries from the students over there. Switzerland is very captivating and guaranteed place to study hospitality because mostly Europeans own and operate hotels chain all over the world. Switzerland has built the reputation of the 'home' of hotel and hospitality management and where the 'first palace-style hotel' took place. Besides, Switzerland has a very splendid places and building including the beautiful and cosy campus of Glion as well as the magnificent sceneres of mountains and hills with the lovely snows covered them in winter. I am definitely sure that I have chosen carefully the right and best campus to pursue my study in hospitality.

dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Nov 18, 2012   #2
This is all good. However, I feel you better start with one of your experiences that would describe why you are so passionate about hospitality trade. The admission committee would remember you through that story. Remember, there are hundreds of applications and they need to select the best ones. So you need to stand out others. For that you must present your application more creatively.

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