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(Success) what is the most important charcteristic that a person can have to be

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Dec 25, 2011   #1
Success is one of the important things that most of the people want to reach but the question is how to be successful in your life. There are lots of Books and articles that talk about this topic. Some of the people links success with money, Fame and clothing. In my opinion and based on my little experience in this life I think the first thing that you should think about is planning for your goals in this life. What do you want to be ? What are you looking for? Plan for your goals. For example, if you want to be doctor you must complete your education in college. If you seek to be a good writer you have to practice, read a lot of books, write and let other people judge. Beside your goals you must have high ambition to reach your aims. Life without ambition is meaningless and incomplete.

Second characteristic being intellectual. Intellectual is when the person continues reading and learning. the one who has an overview of diifferent topics. Learning never stops at any point. We always have to learn. Books one of the most important things helped you to learn.it open your eye to different thing. You can learn more about the other countrys culture , the history . reading take us to other sides of the world

mostly social person succeed in thier life because they know how to communicate effectively with different people.respect other people opinions and ideas.

Last but not the least be patient. As we know this life cannot always go in the same way. Today you might have a nice day but you might face a difficulties tomorrow. You should have the energy and ability to face the problems. Be flexible for the entire situation. For example, you may failed in one subject in the university or you do not have money to pay for the Collage to complete your education , lose one of your best friends . in such situation you have to be more patient and make right decision.

In short , if you are seeking to be successful person in your life you have to start planning for your life. Read more to be intellectual, alwayse smile and be patient to live in this life.

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