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Sustainable management - self introduction, job application

min0502k 1 / -  
Feb 18, 2019   #1

my self-presentation for a job recruitment

When I graduated from high school, I traveled with my friends in Japan and became interested in foreign culture in other countries. In order to understand the culture of the country, I was taught myself English and Japanese. After I spent one year as an exchange student in the United States, I got AL on Opic test which is the highest rank. In addition, I made international students friends from all over the world, not only Americans but also Japanese, Europian, and Aussie, as my best friends. Based on these international capabilities, I will demonstrate my language skills and international sense while attending overseas branches as a vital employee of E company, a global company.

I am good at communicating and have strengths in synthesizing and analyzing the opinions of many people. My advantage is that I am able to listen to everyone's speech in a flexible posture. When I was studying as an exchange student in the United States in 2017, I had first place in project class by studying how to effectively relocate the public bicycle program on a team with 6 friends who were randomly selected. We have assembled different opinions from our team members and users, and we have fully grasped the requirements of our customers through actual usage analysis and surveys. The ability to communicate smoothly is essential for the technical support work of the company.

In 2016, I was interested in environmental issues, and I have created a game that teaches children how to dispose of recycled garbage. In the process of creating a game with team members, there was a dispute over how to play the game in terms of giving experience in case of failure. Based on the results of actual surveys of the users and the needs and desires of the customers, we were able to discuss with our team members and make the best conclusions. As we worked on a team project for a common goal, we naturally felt the importance of teamwork and learned how to make it more fun with our team members.

At C company, my job was solving problems with our customers' devices and teaching them how to use new devices. I taught students how to use simple training materials for new students who are not familiar with using the projectors, scanners and smart classroom equipment at school, and helped solve problems when there was a problem with the device.

and also I worked for Rectworks for 6 month to verifying and correcting mobile games for children and translated English, Japanese and many languages. We processed the error correction smoothly and swiftly with unique meticulousness and engineering knowledge, and made appropriate translation based on communication ability.

E company is a leader in the cyclical economy for sustainable management. In particular, we introduced paper recycling system called paper wrap, which recycles paper without using water, and inkjet multifunction printer, which consumes less energy and can reduce waste. I am interested in environmental issues, and if I work for e company, we will realize the ultimate goals of life together.

moessam85 2 / 4  
Feb 19, 2019   #2
Coming from remote technical support background I recommend to include the following as strengths in your application: you should describe yourself as hard worker able to work flawlessly under pressure, owning high diagnostic skills that help you to be good problems solver, sympathetic to customer in a way that helps the company to achieve the highest level of satisfaction...Good luck after all in your next challenge.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,088 3250  
Feb 19, 2019   #3
Kim, this is not a very effective job application letter. As a self introduction, it does not help me understand how you will make a good candidate for the position you are applying to. First of all, you never referenced what position that was. Second, you did not clearly indicate how your accomplishments, talents, and skills are relevant to the position.Finally, you do not indicate a career objective that can be addressed by working in the position you are interested in. Therefore, I do not really believe that this is an effective self introduction / job application letter. This should be presented professionally using a bullet point listing that indicates the following:

1. What position you are applying for;
2. Your relevant undergraduate major;
3. Skills in bullet point listing as it applies to the position;
4. Short reference to what you hope to bring to the position you are applying for.

This is a cover letter to it must be a summary of the documents that you will be submitting. It should also have a more professional tone to it. The current version you have is too informal. You must also make sure that you check for spelling and grammar errors in your letter. You have several of those presented in this version. I am not correcting it at this point because this is not the final version of the letter so the corrections can still be done or removed as you revise the paper.

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