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Tell us about any hobby you are passionate about and why you think it's important. UWC essay.

aanya_05 1 / -  
Sep 25, 2021   #1

playing table tennis

Everything that I learnt within the four walls of my school and my home prepared me, yet pales in comparison to what I have learnt outdoors - be it on wheels, in water or at the table. I was a great swimmer in primary school, and later on pursued Table Tennis.

Table tennis played a huge role in shaping my personality. I started as a hobby in a nearby sports complex under the guidance of Dhananjay sir; my coach who shaped my thinking and focus. I owe a lot to this coach who taught me to never give up no matter what happens in life.

Over the next five years, I went through various coaches to master this sport. This gave immense exposure by representing school, districts, and state travelling across multiple cities. I still remember my first challenge as an 11 year nervous girl told to play under 18 category due to unexpected circumstances. But sheer determination played out our complacent opponents winning the title at Zila Parishad level advancing to district level in Solapur. I was super excited for my first ever trip out of Pune for table tennis. Though we lost districts, the failure was a great experience.

As expertise grew, I started winning more in the next two years and going to various cities for tournaments. One of my life changing experiences was going to Chandrapur during 7th grade and playing among the best players. Another life changing event was when I went to Mumbai where I played my first state level tournament. The fun part was that this state level tournament was during my final exams, but due to immense support from my school and parents, I was able to give the exam later on. The success in past tournaments had strengthened my sense of belief and was ready for the big stage. Unfortunately I lost the finals so could not play the nationals but made amazing friends who guided me throughout.

One of my best performances is still fresh in my mind where I was down one set in one of the district tournaments in Pune in my seventh grade against a girl who had a good past record against me so there was some mental blockage. Thanks to Dhananjay Sir ( referred above) whose pep talk reignited self-belief during time out in the match and I happened to win the match after a tough fight. From that moment, I learnt that anything is possible, all you need is a little push to work harder.

I have always believed that playing table tennis. It improves focus significantly as it is one of the fastest games in the world. Reflexes, alertness and constant determination always keeps you in the current moment and makes you mentally stronger with a great immune system. Playing doubles helped to work in teams for better coordination. Overall I am really happy that I got to learn this brilliant sport and I am looking forward to learning so much more in the future.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,707 3785  
Sep 26, 2021   #2
I was a great swimmer in primary school

Since the focus of the essay is on table tennis, this menor mention is not needed. It is an unnecessary discussion deviation that will only confuse the reviewer.

Table tennis played a huge role in shaping my personality

Merge this with the first paragraph.This must be included there as this contains the character discussion push of the essay.

The essay focuses on the importance of your successes as a player. Try to develop the character building aspect. How did the losses make you a better person? Yes, the loss aspect should be discussed. In fact, it is a more noteworthy presentation than the success. The character of a person is generally strengthened by loss through humility, lessosas learned, and character adjustment based upon how loss is handled.
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Sep 29, 2021   #3
"... my thinking and focus" I think the word "focus" may be replace by focus on. And I think you may describe more about the process how you win and what does the success bring for you.
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Oct 2, 2021   #4
I started as a that hobby
This gave me immense ..
playing among with the best players
I was able to give take the exam later on

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