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Tough Times; Influence byFamily history/Culture/Enviroment

Iyana727 1 / -  
Dec 10, 2013   #1
Growing up education has always been the main factor in my family . Throughout the years things haven't been easy. When I was 6 years old my mother and father divorced . My mother supported my brother and I on her own . Not having a stable income things where rough. Going threw these tough times taught me how to be independent and without education I can not succeed in life . Realizing this made me pursue bigger and better things which motivated me to achieve my goals in life .

It feels like I went of topic a little bit and is this a enough there is a 250 word max
dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Dec 11, 2013   #2
My parents divorced when I was six years leaving the entire responsibility of bringing up me and my brother on my mother's shoulders. Without having a stable income she found extremely hard to make ends meet for us. However, her courage and seamless love for us never let her give up her struggles. Seeing her perseverance and sacrifice for us, I developed a great determination to pursue my education until I reach my goals in life. I know it is the only way I can succeed in life and make my mother sacrifices paid off.

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