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Supplement for Trinity--''free the mind from parochialism and prejudice"

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Dec 25, 2009   #1
TRINITY 3. An important part of our institutional mission is to ''free the mind from parochialism and prejudice.'' As a member of the Trinity community, how might you seek to contribute to the fulfillment of this endeavor?

"Do you have computers?" "No." "Oh, it sucks! How terrible your life is!" When we arrived at Tianyue Hope Primary School, Tony asked. Hearing this, my heart pumped fast and I saw the little country boy Pan lowering his head with inferiority. The situation I had worried about most finally happened. I told the children from big city to be careful about their words and deeds, but stereotypes still worked.

It was the fifth year that I led a team to Tianyue Hope Primary School, which is located in a backward area. Ashamedly, I admit that I used to be a typically "metropolitan" child, looking upon all the country children. However, when I accidentally made friends with Hui, I found myself was wrong. Having lost both of her parents, Hui was adopted by an elderly granny with other 54 children. Although Hui could not afford any drawing paper and pigment, she still treasured her dream of becoming a painter. At the age of eight, I thought nothing about my dream and future. In contrast, the so called country girl did. I was stunned for her thought and shamed for my bumptiousness. And the more I got in contact with her, the more I admired and appreciated her.

"Jiani, what makes you feel so proud?" I could not help asking myself.

I was proud because I did not have to walk barefoot for miles to school or I needed not to worry about whether my family could afford my tuition? Without the wealth my parents bestowed on me, I have nothing different from them except for the so called title of "metropolitan child". The wealth clouded my mind, bred my ignorance and arrogance and imposed the parochialism and prejudice of those peers , who were far more splendid than me, on me.

"Tony, Pan, come here and take a seat!" I called up the kids. Standing on the platform, I told the Tonies the story of Hui and told the Pans my father's story, a story about how he walked out from village remoter than Tianyue and became a pharmacist with his diligence. The moment I witnessed the glistening tears in the eyes of children from city and country, I knew I had freed their minds.

For a long time, I find it so fortunate to meet Hui, who has changed my life. Now, having walked out of my stereotypes, I intend to help more people, just like what I have done during the past five years. If one day I am endowed with the opportunity to live in Trinity, Hartford, it is still incumbent upon me to fulfill the endeavor of freeing the minds from parochialism and prejudice. I would keep on telling my stories to those blindfolded and trace the true meanings hidden under the surface. I have faith in the bright and respectable side of anyone and anything. Sometimes, we can't find it just because of the stereotypes and semblance. Since I have gotten rid of my blindness and spent my past five years in changing the stereotype, I will proceed to make my own contribution to this endeavor in Trinity. I am greatly convinced that the extraordinary significance to cast aside bias and parochialism will broaden our mind and harmonize our college and community.

Thanks for reading!
Merry X'mas!
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Dec 25, 2009   #2
Your essay is nice.

"moment I witnessed the glistening tears in the eyes of children from both city and country, I knew I had freed their minds. "

I doubt if they really cried!! Even if they did, its hard to believe that all of them cried just because they listened to a touching story. USe something believable like "As I told them the story of Hiu, I sensed a feeling of discomfort among them. My story made an imapct upon their minds. I indeed freed their minds to an extent."

rest, its good.
God bless!

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