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I have a true passion for fashion and beauty - Fashion Institute of Technology essay

suuzannax33 1 / -  
Nov 13, 2014   #1
I am the perfect fit for the Fashion Institute of Technology because I have a true passion for fashion and beauty. Since I have a very determined personality, attending the Fashion Institute of Technology will expose me to many opportunities that will allow me to further express my way of creativity.

In my junior year of high school I was accepted into a technical career program, in which prepared me to take my cosmetology state board exam, upon graduating in May 2014. I became a licensed cosmetologist in august 2014 in the state of New York. Upon being accepted into the Fashion Institute of Technology I would love to major in Fashion Merchandising Management and then re-apply for the Cosmetics and Fragrance marketing bachelors program.

Attending the Fashion Institute of Technology will give me a hands on learning experience because the Fashion Institute of Technology is located in Manhattan, which will allow me to be exposed to a new inspiring environment.

As a child I would spend all day playing dress up with my dolls (makeup, hair, clothes). The beauty industry and fashion industry turned into a dream career. I remember the first time I knew I wanted to have a career in the beauty and fashion industry. I got to wear makeup and got my nails done for the first time for my 6th grade cotillion, I also got to wear a white wedding gown which my mom and grandmother customized with white roses and pearls. Attending F.I.T. will allow me to one day work with a well-known fashion and beauty corporation.

Cosmetology does not define who I am. I have enjoyed being a member of my high school dance company for three years. I have received many honor roll and principals honor roll awards for having a 3.5 GPA. I also received a national leadership award and another award for community service helping my schools main office. I also received student of the month at my technical school for helping my classmates and having my clients leave my chair happy.

I have previously applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology in December 2013 in which I was not accepted. I was disappointed but I stayed positive and used my nonacceptance letter as a motivation. I then attended Buffalo State College where I wasn't happy. I realized living close to Manhattan and being able to go there all the time and visiting the Fashion Institute of Technology that I belonged there. I knew I had another shot and should never give up on my dream. I learned in life you will be faced with challenges and you just have to overcome them. My determined personality and leadership skills will be a quality that will benefit to my success in attending the Fashion Institute of Technology.
prashantic 1 / 8  
Nov 13, 2014   #2
When you mention the moment you had as a child, I think you should go more in depth with it and describe how you felt in that moment so that they can truly understand your passion for fashion that you've had since such a young age.
admission2012 - / 481 90  
Nov 13, 2014   #3
Nowhere and I mean nowhere do you mention anything of real substance about FIT. Why should they let you in? You do not demonstrate at all that you will utilize the resources offered at the school. Talk about courses you would love to take, groups you would like to join, internships you would take advantage of. Why FIT and not Denise and Dan's school of cosmetology located on seventh ave? Once you add these elements, your chances for admissions will dramatically increase. - Admissions Advice Online

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