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valerija 1 / -  
Mar 9, 2021   #1

my leadership abilities and contribution to the IT development of society

I live in Ukraine, a country where the IT industry is gaining momentum. But in comparison with other countries, this area is less developed in our country. This condition prompted me to do more to improve my community. Therefore, I regularly took part in free courses in programming and design, where I motivated and taught children to develop in the IT industry, holding annual courses every summer. It is worth noting that participating in this made me feel good, as it made me a useful person to my society.

When I go to university, I start looking for other experience of volunteering, joining various activities to improve my knowledge, as well as help others with the development of websites to make our university more convenient and informative for students who are already studying here, as well as for new ones. students. Through these programs, I am gaining so much knowledge that I can share with my community from the right people to talk to. This development experience reinforces my willingness to grow my home community through participation in Global UGRAD. Therefore, developing new sites and programs, as well as helping other people to learn, is my plan to contribute to my community.

I not only actively participate in programs related to website development, but also often participated in many activities that help me improve my leadership skills. One of the most memorable events was when I headed the team that filmed and edited videos for our university. This video was made in order to tell more about our educational institution and its specialties, as well as to show where the beauty of technical sciences is. It was not easy to organize all the shooting days and video editing processes, but my team and I did a good job in a short time.

Since I went to university, I have also frequently participated in team competitions such as prototyping and database building. Through my participation in this event, I am learning so much about leadership, teamwork, networking and problem solving.

I took part in a social program that will help city dwellers solve their housing and communal problems. My team and I made various videos that answered various housing questions, and in these videos there were ads for the sale and rent of houses and apartments. Participation in this program gave me a good experience in video editing and communication with people.

In addition, I have been doing dancing, this is my hobby, for 5 years already. She often took part in charity concerts just to please people. And I love performing because I love the stage and the people.

Therefore, I believe that my experience of working with various projects, my potential leadership abilities and my contribution to the IT development of society will make me a good participant in Global UGRAD. By joining this program, I am confident that I will gain so much academically, socially and culturally that will greatly contribute to my future and the future of my community. And I will return to my country full of knowledge and experience that I want to share with everyone.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Mar 10, 2021   #2
You are only describing your extra curricular activities. You are clearly only participating in the activities that do not have a solid effect on changes in the lives of the members of the community. I know that you are trying to dramatize your participation and the situation in your country in an effort to create a seemingly leadership role for yourself where there is none. The reviewer will also see that and consider your application weak and irrelevant based on the prompt requirements. This is not a true leadership essay that would make you a contender for the program. It is a response to the question, but not one that will get you past the first round of considerations.
Blackrain 2 / 3  
Mar 16, 2021   #3
That's definitely! You need to substantiate more about the effect on changes in the lives of the members of the community. You pat yourself too much on the back ,which doesn't have much influence.