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UNC--Chapel Hill No talent Prompt: I am NO GIFTED ARTIST!

sakeloga 3 / 16  
Jan 9, 2010   #1
We tend to spend our time doing the things we know we do well-running because we're good runners or painting because we're talented artists. Tell us about a time when you tried something for which you had no talent. How did it go?

I will not comment on my artistic skills in middle school. The straight 'C's in report card explains everything. Every time my art teacher told me that "your work is very creative", I knew exactly that she was trying to avoid the topic of 'neatness' or 'detail' of my artwork. My mother, unable to ignore the conspicuous 'C' in my report card, got me an art tutor.

In the first lesson, the teacher placed a coconut-sized gypsum cube right in front of me. "Draw it using any method you want" the teacher told me in a cheerful voice; I squeezed a smile but it faded in one second. I took a deep breath, grabbed my pencil tight, 'sketched' the first line, and moved the drawing board further away to examine the result. A twisty and thick line, like an earthworm, appeared on my paper; its presence symbolized my impossibility to finish the simple cube. My unnatural sense of humor suddenly appeared and I started giggling. Distracted by my laughter, the teacher approached, with a dubious facial expression, and checked my progress. I didn't dare to look straight into her, but the corner of my eyes captured her reaction-took aback by my 'artwork' and paused a few seconds not knowing what to say. "Keep on trying" she recommended; I knew exactly that she recognized me as a hopeless case. In the next hour, my initial interest was eaten away, now replaced with frustration and impatience. I started scribbling on the paper and knocking the board vapidly. Perceived my feeling, the teacher came and attempted to explain to me the details of the cube: "now observe it closely, you can see the reflection of light from the table, right? So the bottom part of the cube should be a bit lighter...". I had no idea what she was talking about; it was just a cube, the shaded region was just a chunk of blackness, I could see absolutely NO difference in its darkness!

This lesson ended with a conversation, between the teacher and my mom, about my performance. The tutor looked toward me and smiled benevolently, which to me seemed more like a conciliatory act. After few seconds of consideration, she concluded: "Chunghan has his own style in drawing; he'll get better with more practice and more patience". Style...what a clever euphemism to describe my clumsiness.

Two years later, I became capable of drawing much complicated items, such as a portrayal of my brother's head, but I knew that I still had no way to catch up with the skills of those who planned to be professional artists. When the talented art students took one hour to finish a sketch, I needed a minimum of two hours working on the same thing, to reach a similar quality. But I didn't envy them. My artworks, too, were admired and nominated to exhibit in the principal's office. I realized that people like my artworks despite the sometimes rough and 'not visually beautiful' appearance; they would say the exact same thing as did my teachers: "your work is special". Now, whenever a person tells me that my artwork is creative, I will reply him with a big smile and a "thank you" whole-heartedly, knowing that it is the best praise I can ever enjoy. After all, I was not born with a painting brush in hand, so I cannot appeal the others' eyeballs with fantastic details; however, I CAN replace the skills with something else I am confident with-creativity. I am not an artist, but I can produce an artwork that stands out from a group of superficial beauties.

This is my first draft and I need some overall suggestions. For example, the content is too dull or meaningless. Also, I need some help to decide which conclusion is better.

Thank you all! Happy to help you in return!
OP sakeloga 3 / 16  
Jan 10, 2010   #2
I will further revise tomorrow, but I need some overall suggestions today. Would anyone help? I am glad to help in return!
srandhawa 10 / 157  
Jan 12, 2010   #3

As for your essay, this creative idea seems forced, and frankly its pretty cliche this story, with all due respect, i mean im sure this was a moving experience, but really i could predict the outcome of this story as soon as i read the intro. FAR TOO PREDICTABLE, if creativity is really what you gained, express it differently, i wouldnt take so long to jump into the story of now and give such a detailed description of before. My best advice: give a vivid description of a drawing now, and then make whatever comparisons you want to the past and create the focus of your essay through that. Also, if you do this, I would create the focus of hte essay around the theme of the art, like if it is a scenic view, maybe look for something appealing to that scene for example and then maybe use the scene to help compare the present with the past and how you use to draw or see things or something along those lines? Know what I'm getting at?

Also, you can do a much more powerful and vivid job of describing the art work, again focus in on something specific about the art work, not just a creativity aspect, but something greater, the writing style seemed kind of vanilla also, not very lively and your iffy meeh verb choices were the reason behind this, a greater focus, more focus towards detail, and really a focus about the artwork and then a description of how you changed(and this description should also be more specific) would really enhance this essay. Sorry if this sounds harsh, art if its something your passionate about is always a solid essay topic, and you have some ideas, just reshuffle them and focus in on something more specific.

If you could provide me an answer to my UNC question, that would help ALOT, btw, did you get this same problem or is it my computer. I sent the email to the people who are suppose to help but they said it will take 3-4 days which i dont have and i'd rather not have to send this by mail and hand write everything:)

good luck
OP sakeloga 3 / 16  
Jan 13, 2010   #4
Hey Thank You a lot Simrath! For your first question, my account works perfectly fine, I can log in right fine. When I got my temperory password, I immediately changed it to my own. Maybe you temp. password is outdated, or maybe you mixed some letters up e.g. 1, I, and l. For your question at the end, I also had this problem with my USC app. as well. I suggest you to call UNC admissions office directly, that way you get the answers most quickly.

Anyway, Thx! hope you can check my revised draft out tomorrow, will be very glad for your help.

More suggestions and criticisms are welcomed. Be not afraid to be harsh, as long as you are constructuve! Edit for Edit!

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