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'My uncle is a Colonel in the Air Force' - Air Force Academy Interest Essay

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Oct 23, 2011   #1
I'm not very good with writing papers any recomendations of what else to write would be amazing

Air Force Academy Interest Essay

1. When did you first become interested in the Air Force Academy and serving in the Air Force? What started your interest? What Air Force career field do you hope to enter? What do you expect to gain from the Air Force Academy experience and how will it help you in your Air Force career? (250 to 300 words, 3000 characters max)

I have always been interested in the military, especially. Growing up listening to a Great Grandfather talk about World War Two, as well as both of my grandfathers talking about their experiences, peaked my interest in the Air Force Academy. My uncle is a Colonel in the Air Force and I have visited him and his family at almost every base he has been stationed at. These trips have taken me all over the world, from Germany to Hawaii along with various cities throughout the United States. During my visits I have seen many aspects of Air Force life. After each visit I became more interested in the service. I had the privilege of flying one of the actual flight simulators on base in Charleston. My heart was pounding with excitement after that experience. The most inspiring event was when I got a chance to see my uncle's Change of Command at Charleston Air Force Base. To see the squadrons at attention, to listen to my uncle's speech, and to look at my father's pride for his brother made me realize that I wanted to become an officer as well.

The final decision to attend the Air Force Academy culminated in the beginning of my junior year of high school. I began to research more about the Air Force Academy, its expectations and what it would take to be accepted into it. I then spoke to a family friend who had gone to the United States Air Force Academy, flew fighter planes in the Gulf War and was a former liaison. I sat down at his house as he explained what it takes to not only get into the academy but to succeed as well. He asked me many difficult questions to see if I truly wanted to attend the Air Force Academy and make it my career. He informed me it would be the hardest challenge of my life. I left that meeting knowing for certain that attending the Air Force Academy was what I wanted to do.

I am ultimately hoping to be a pilot, this is probably a common choice but I am also looking at Cost Analysis Officer or Financial Management Officer. I am very good with math and these career fields caught my attention immediately. I looked into both and I can see myself doing either. I expect to gain leadership skills from my experience at the Air Force Academy; this will help me lead the men and women at the highest level which is what is needed. The tactical and military knowledge will also be vitally important as an officer. Also very important, I expect to grow further in my mental and physical abilities. I know these areas will be pushed to the limit during my career in the Air Force. I also expect to gain a higher level of education as the Air Force Academy is one of the best colleges in the country. This will help me throughout my career and the rest of my life. Specifically I expect to gain the ability to pilot an aircraft and other abilities specific to the Air Force. If I do not become a pilot then I will learn the skills needed for each particular career field.
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Oct 24, 2011   #2
The final decision to attend the Air Force Academy culminated

This sentence would be better as "The final decision to attend the Air Force was made..."

flew fighter planes

There should be a more specific term for planes used in the military."Fighter" sounds,at least to me,too banal.

he academy but to succ

This needs a comma after "academy".

choice but I

Comma after "choice".

with math and these career

Comma after "math".

As for the content of your essay,I think it charts the progression of your interest in the Air Force pretty well.It details your history of discovery and also,of a family legacy.It's honest,open and straightforward.

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