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University of Washington Department of ECE Admission Essay

justj 1 / -  
Mar 29, 2024   #1
Rough Draft:

Ironically, my interest in electronic engineering stems from the failure of the Korean SAT and college entrance. When I took my first step out of high school and into society with bitter failures, the economic environment of me and my family did not allow me to continue studying for another Korean SAT. However, the effort to get through such a situation led me to various experiences, and in the process, I had my first encounter with my interest in electrical technology. Getting an electrician certificate was one of such effort. In preparing for the written test to get the certificate, I learned basic electromagnetism and how it is utilized in our buildings, devices, and all the infrastructure around us. At that time, as I began to feel that the laws of physics, which were only letters on the test sheet, actually existed everywhere around me, a wave of excitement struck my mind. Such a wave sparked me a new passion I desire to study electrical engineering at college, which was a direct trigger for me to study electronics.

After obtaining the electrician's license, I got to work on managing and installing electric wiring inside the gas pump. The work was rewarding in that I was able to learn how electrical technology was being used practically, but it was not enough to satisfy my aspiration that I wanted to design and develop these technologies on my own by studying electrical engineering, and, as such, my passion grew bigger and bigger. My aspiration, which grew so big and was like a balloon just before it burst, eventually burst, and that's how I started studying engineering at Edmond's College.

While studying at Edmonds College, I started enjoying the privileges of living in PNW, which is a hike. Spending time out of the complex city in the beautiful and marvelous wilderness has always been a boost to my life. At the same time, the thought that it would be more wonderful to enjoy this wonderful nature not only by myself but also with others and with future descendants naturally came to my mind. Those thoughts led me to think about what I could do for this nature, and as a result, I discovered a field called sustainable energy systems and decided to study it. That is because researching next-generation energy systems that are environmentally friendly and can respond to increasing energy consumption was seen as the best way to achieve my dream of passing on current nature to future generations. Considering that, it seems that the Sustainable Energy System Pathway of the ECE undergraduate school will be the best stepping stone for my dream.

Based on these aspirations, I want to lay a firm academic foundation in the field of energy systems during my undergraduate program. I still have an abstract and comprehensive understanding of the field of energy systems, so my biggest goal during my undergraduate program will be to materialize my understanding using mathematical and physical tools. After that, my ultimate goal will be to continue my passion to graduate school, experience the latest in related research, and apply such research to develop technologies that can help humanity develop while protecting the environment.

While working as an electrician, I experienced how technologies designed by engineers were practically used in the field and acquired practical problem-solving skills to solve unexpected issues in the field. In addition, I am currently developing that perspective as a technician in charge of the electric system of automobiles. I believe that these practical senses will become irreplaceable assets in continuing my studies as an electrical engineering student and my future career. Thus, I strongly desire to utilize my experiences and senses to lay my dream out, and I hope UW ECE will be the stage for me to do so.

Thank you.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Apr 2, 2024   #2
I am not sure about how to review this essay because you did not provide any guidelines for the review. What exactly are you writing here? Is this a personal statement, statement of purpose, or motivational letter? I cannot provide you with a proper review or advice for improvement because I do not know what direction the content of the paper is to take. It would help if you could provide me with some insight as to what the purpose of the essay is so that I can look for relevant improvement points in your presentation. It is impossible to provide a useful review of this essay at this point. I look forward to your clarifications.

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