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"Use you have put your earnings to" - Short Answer Questions

tkkt1 11 / 47  
Sep 13, 2009   #1
To what use have you put your earnings (for example, paying for food, bills, personal expenses, saving for college)? (50 word limit)*

Each paycheck that I have earned has been deposited in a college savings bank account. My savings also serve as a source of funds for emergencies; last November I used my savings to fly my mother to Vietnam to visit my ailing grandmother

If there are any extenuating circumstances or details regarding this parent or guardian that you would like to add or clarify, please do so here. If you feel additional details will help QuestBridge and the colleges better understand the context of your personal and academic qualities, please add more detail about your parent. (255 character limit each)

My mother works the late shift at the factory. I only see her during the weekends when she is cooking, cleaning and giving parental advice even though she is exhausted because of her hyperthyroid and in pain because of her frozen shoulder. Through everything, she still manages to be a great mother.

My dad is 71 years old, almost too old to parent a 16 year old anymore. With Ménière's disease, he suffers from vertigo, hearing loss and a wide variety of other ailments that come with old age. But every morning at 6:00 am, my dad still puts in the effort to take me to school 184 days out of the year.

EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Sep 14, 2009   #2
Given the tight word limit, these responses seem okay, though they give rather more background about your parents than about you, which seems odd for an application essay, even if it does seem as if the prompts actually want you to do this in this case.
Liebe 1 / 542 2  
Sep 14, 2009   #3
I think these answers are fine.

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