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'the word coconut' / 'aerial view' - UVA short answer essays

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Jan 1, 2008   #1
I really need someone to look over these because I feel somewhat lost. I'm not sure if the first one makes any sense or if any one will understand the image in the second one. Does it flow? Thanks

Favorite word

The fruit plummets to the ground and cracks, marring its coarse brown husk and spilling its white liquid onto the tropical sands. The three indentations within the husk of the coconut resemble a bowling ball or even more entertaining a smiley face. From the way the word coconut rolls off the tongue to the ways it tastes, this amazing word interests me in so many ways.

I believe my interest in coconuts began after watching the comedy Monty Python and the Holy Grail causing my brother and I to run around the house clapping together hollowed out coconut husks to mimic the sound of horse hoofs. "Click Clack Click Clack"

From then on the coconut was a part of my everyday life; food, movies, random conversations and even music involved coconuts. I can not remember how many times the song "Put de lime in de coconut" has repeated itself over and over in my mind, and I never tried to rid the addicting song from my head either. It was just too much fun to dance around the house like a fool singing the coconut song.

Saying the word coconut can also provide me with hours of entertainment. It is not as difficult to say as lackadaisical but not as easy as cat and dog. I could chant "Coconut Coconut" all day and never really become bored of the word.

Ever since my elementary days of playing with coconuts, I have been enthralled by a world of coconuts and will continue to cherish the word coconut in song and dance, however silly it may seem.

Work of art, music, science, mathematics or literature that has surprised, unsettled or challenged you.

Looking down at a dark scene, a black and white photograph captures a breathtaking nighttime cityscape. An aerial view of well over a thousand blinking lights creates the only image within the blackness the night brings. Within the city lies an expressway lodged between two large gas stations and trapped inside a concrete maze of overpasses and highways. However the photographer captures an unexpected image within the city, a guitar.

Through various methods of photomontages and a unique imagination, Scott Mutter has turned a simple four lane expressway into the neck of a bass guitar. At first glimpse I thought this photograph was just another illuminated cityscape; however, I later recognized the shape of a bass guitar within the picture. The puzzling photograph seemed too unreal; I was dumbfounded. I wanted to know where this picture was taken, if a city was planned out to create such an image and why I had never heard of a cityscape like this one before.

I later found out that Mutter created this image using two separate photographs, altering the images so that an entirely new masterpiece came to life. This work of art provides a small glimpse into the mind of an amazing artist, and challenges others to look at the world in a different light. Like looking at shapes in the clouds, Mutter is able to find art in everyday life. Now I wish to see the world as one extravagant work of art.
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Jan 2, 2008   #2

I think you've written a couple of excellent essays! And yes, the flow is fine! Here are some editing suggestions for you:

or, even more entertaining, a smiley face.

"Click, clack! Click, clack!" - There might be several ways to punctuate this, but it does need some punctuation. :-)

I cannot remember

I never tried to rid my head of the addicting song, either.

and never really become bored with the word.

However, the photographer captures an unexpected image within the city: a guitar.

photo montages

Very good work!


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