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Being able to speak a foreign language is an advantage these days

dang3cvt 1 / -  
Mar 28, 2022   #1
Being able to speak a foreign language is an advantage these days. Some people think that children should start learning a foreign language at primary school, while others think children should begin in secondary school.

Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Some experts think that the best time for young people to learn a new language is at primary school. While this could bring many benefits and drawbacks. I believe that the advantages are far more than the disadvantages.

Learning a foreign language at primary could have some possible disadvantages. Firstly, it could be a waste of time since children need to focus on other subjects such as math, science, and their own mother tongue language, which they might need it more than the foreign one. Secondly, children may get confused because of learning many languages at the same time and this could have a negative impact on their development. For example, it is claimed that bilingual children develop the ability to talk more slowly than monolingual kids.

On the other hand, I think that children learn faster at a young age because they are less self-conscious and shy. So they can easily pick up the right pronunciation and try to copy it. Furthermore, children enjoy practicing languages through games. Thus, learning and copying others could be fun in itself for them. In other words, for children learning languages is not a hard task as it is for adults. In addition, languages nowadays are as important as science and math. Acquiring an international language like English could be very important for young people to get better job opportunities in the future.

In conclusion, it seems to me that the benefits of teaching children foreign languages as soon as possible outweigh the drawbacks.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,686 4759  
Mar 28, 2022   #2
The prompt restatement needs more accuracy. The exam taker is expected to rephrase the whole of the original discussion in his writing. It cannot be limited in scope as this will alter the original presentation and create a different discussion target as required. The student has created a selective prompt restatement which will lead to deductions in the score for the restatement section. Although he did present a personal opinion within the same paragraph, it is the lack of proper statement representation that will result on the preliminary score being based on an unrelated discussion. There are several missing key points from the restatement that affected the succeeding presentations in relation to the examiner expected discussion format. As such, the essay will only receive a score for the personal opinion provided. That is 1 out of 3 required discussion representations. This is not a passing score essay.

The writer must familiarize himself with the 2 writing approaches to this type of essay. Either he discusses based on the public opinion + personal point of view or, he presents his opinion as a 3rd paragraph after explaining why the public supports each opinion. This type of discussion cannot be based on a personal opinion alone.

He must also realize that when a discussion of both opinions and a personal opinion are required, the essay cannot use the A v. D approach because that is not the discussion format stated in the original. It is quite possible that the writer is not yet familiar with the various writing styles for the task 2 essay so more familiarity, through reading of various prompts and sample responses is definitely needed. He knows how to present his ideas. It is the way of presenting the ideas in relation to the instructions that prove to be faulty and the cause of the failure of his essay.

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