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The life difficulties in a foreign country where you cannot speak your mother language

sue0504 1 / 1  
Dec 4, 2019   #1

Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems

Globalisation has allowed people to travel to another country easier than it used to be. However, some think that living in a foreign country where you cannot speak your mother language can lead to severe social problem and difficulties in daily life.I partially agree that it can cause social problem and practical problem. However, these problems can be minimised.

Language is the most direct means of communication. Firstly, if people are unable to speak the foreign language, they feel a sense of isolated and even loneliness. Since it is hard to understand what others are saying or express themselves, they can make little friends due to language barrier. It is not easy for them to talk to others or ask others when they need help. They hence can feel lonely and being isolated by the community. Secondly, For those who leave their own country alone to another country to seek better career or life, they have to get a job to start a new life. However, without speaking the local language, they can hardly cope with tasks and deal with others. They may find it difficult to maintain their standard of living. Thirdly, it is hard for people to understand the pattern of living in the country, such as the traffic rules since they cannot understand the signs and instructions. It increase difficulties in daily living as well.

However, some people manage to overcome the obstacles. Learning the language is the most effective way. Other than that, people can also use other means of communication such as body language like a smile to show their kindness. Speaking a language is not the solo way to get people closer. The only thing is if you wish to try.

In conclusion, I partially agree that if one cannot speak the foreign language where he/she lives, it may cause some social and practical problem. However, with other means of communication, such problem can be minised.
XPROFF 4 / 17 14  
Dec 5, 2019   #2

I would like to share my thoughts on your writing

Firstly you have all good answers to your question and more balanced view on the topic.

I would only give my thoughts on the contents.
In your introduction i think you can futher improve by defining what social problems is ?? sometimes it gives more understanding of the topic to the reader. And then introduce your topic and ideas that you would discuss in your body.

In the second paragraph, i think you should organise each points with a paragraph with just three or four lines and provide examples to strengthen you point. For example , inability to speak foreign language...its cause?? What impacts ?? Give example/illustration reiterate your main idea.. To this for the ideas/points that minimised the the problem.

Finally, make sure to check for punctuation to help your writing.

I hope these comments help you in your writing.
OP sue0504 1 / 1  
Dec 15, 2019   #3
Thank you for your comments. That would be very helpful in my writing.
tamtran 2 / 4 1  
Dec 16, 2019   #4
Hello! @sue0504

I think you have good ideas for this topic but you need to be more organised while presenting your ideas.

In your introduction, I understand that you wanted to present two main points which are "social problems when having language barrier in a foreign country" and "solutions help mitigate the effects". However, if there is a way to make them sound more connected you really should take it into consideration. I would like to suggest you my amendment:

Nowadays, globalisation has made travelling from countries to countries a lot easier than it used to be for people. However, there are thoughts that the language barrier when you live in a foreign country can lead to serious social problems and difficulties in daily life. While I agree with the existence of these problems and their effects on people's life, I think there are ways that can help mitigate the effects and help people overcome the situation.

However, I would also suggest that you narrow your ideas so that you would have more time to focus on each point and give more insights into your writing. Additionally, it is advisable that every body paragraph contains one topic sentence, explanatory sentences and examples.Therefore, having many ideas means that you need to create more paragraphs to talk about them so you might be easy to get lost and you are more likely to run out of the given time (If there is). In that way, it would be beneficial if you divide the first body paragraph into two paragraphs. Each one focuses only on a point at a time, with the format above. The same can be applied for the second body paragraph.

The last part I want to mention is that you should carefully check your grammar mistakes after you finish your writing. It is the last but very important and immensely helpful step!

Those are some of my opinions on your essay. I hope that they are useful and I wish you best luck!

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