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Achy Breaky Heart - Article Review

firstywrites 4 / 13 1  
Nov 16, 2014   #1
Please review my assignment (article review). Your help is deeply appreciated.

Assignment : Write a three-paragraph essay on your article review
(I) Intro --> author's name, title, reason why you have chosen the topic
(II) A brief summary --> what is the article about, what are main, supporting, and concluding ideas
(III) Concluding paragraph --> writer's objective, your comment (on content, language, style) and final thoughts

Here is my article review.

Achy Breaky Heart

This is an article review of an article titled "Achy Breaky Heart". This article is written by Krista Mahr. The title had my attention almost immediately, not only because it is so ear-catching unlike other articles, it implies how the heart can be so fragile especially in stressful condition. The health problem concerning heart has been happening a lot in my family. For example my niece had to undergo a valve replacement surgery and she was not even five years old yet at the time. My grandfather has also had to be hospitalized several times because of heart attack caused by blockages in his coronary artery. Therefore, I am drawn to this subject so I will know just slightly better about what may trigger heart trouble.

The article is about how stresses from both social and private event can increase the risk of heart trouble in people. The connection between stress and diseases explained in the article is based on several studies published by international medical journals. These stresses can be caused by strain at work and bad relationship. Meanwhile, it is unusual for doctors to ask patients about their feeling either because they don't think there is much they can do about it or they have limited time. Doctors can help by changing the way they listen and react to the patients especially those who come complaining of chest pain that intensifies only when they are under pressure, in which case stress is the genuine risk factor. This will help them identify patients with stress-induced heart problem and decide which course of treatment is to be taken. The scientifically proved, effective treatment for these patients, however, is not yet found. Therefore the best way to prevent this problem is to avoid stressing out at all.

The objective of the writer in writing this article is according to me to show readers that stresses in our life can lead to serious heart diseases for which the effective treatment is not yet identified; therefore, let us try not to be stressed at all. The article is very well-structured. The content of this article is important to be read by people especially those who are susceptible to stress. The language used is formal but still easy to understand. The style of narration is informative so it will be easy enough to comprehend even by people with no health education background. In conclusion, this article is suitable to be read by everyone as it makes people aware of how harmful stress can be to our health.

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logo3098 5 / 16 1  
Nov 17, 2014   #2
not only because it is so ear-catching unlike other articles---error grammar

because not only is it...

you use inverted sentence here
OP firstywrites 4 / 13 1  
Nov 17, 2014   #3
Is this okay?

The title had my attention almost immediately, because not only is it so ear-catching unlike other articles, but it also implies how the heart can be so fragile especially in stressful condition.

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