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Summarize article : Porpoises plan their dives and can set their heart rate to match

andika08 81 / 80 16  
Nov 22, 2016   #1
There are two divers called Freja and Sif want to costumize their heart rate to suit the length of dive with porpoises and cetaceans. With this activity, they can predict to consume oxygen before dive since the depth and length was very deep. Moreover, at the present time, they know that the heart rates of both animals have related to the different dive factors, such as dive duration, depth and exercise. As time goes on, as a matter of fact, the harbour porpoises have cognitive control of their heart rate that make them can take longer time in the deep water. However, they cannot be disturbed by loud noise since they will experience panic condition.

source : newscientist
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,801 4780  
Nov 22, 2016   #2
Andika, the article actually came in 3 sections. The main discussion and the 2 sub topics related to the discovery that was discussed as the major discovery of the scientists. Why did you not represent the sub topics in the summary? In writing a summary, you must ensure that you present all of the topics being discussed, including the sub topics because they relate to the main discussion. Additional, supporting facts can be found in the sub topics and therefore, the only way you can present a completely informative summary is by reading the whole article and taking note of keywords, fact, and figures for inclusion in your summary. Without these additional data, the summary becomes informative but incomplete. What you are after, is a totally informative and complete essay. So you have to learn to read fast and note information in a chronological manner for presentation in the summary essay.
Bams17 28 / 43  
Nov 23, 2016   #3
There are two divers called Freja and Sif need full stop .they want to costumize ...
With this activity, no need comma they can predict to...

nice article but i think that you need good control and make sure before uploaded.

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