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What is the advantages and disadvantages of using public transport?

nmint_tue07 1 / -  
Sep 27, 2023   #1

pros & cons of public transportation

In this day and age, to meet the travel needs of people, more and more means of public transport are designed and used widely. It can be obviously seen that almost all passengers love the way it operates because of the usefulness and affordable price. However, there are both benefits and drawbacks to deciding to do this. In this essay, I will discuss both sides and come to my own conclusions.

I will start by looking at the advantages. One of the major plus points of using public transport is that it is environmentally-friendly. As we can see, a bus has a large number of seats that is approximately 10 times more than a car has. What I mean by this is that while a bus discharges a small amount of emissions into the environment as well as improves road congestion, many private cars used at the same time do the opposite and become one of the aspects leading to air pollution. Secondly, there is a fact that public transport is an economical way to travel with an affordable price for everyone. No one can be prevented from moving to any place they prefer by the fear of not having their own means of transport.

Considering the opposing viewpoint, using public transport also brings us some disadvantages. The major problem is its speed and your requirements. Let's imagine that you're about to be late for an important appointment and have to get there as soon as possible, using public transport is not a good idea. This public service just follows its arranged schedule and goes at a certain speed and can't deal with your immediate situation. Moreover, it is likely that some noises or annoying behaviors on public transport can make you frustrated instead of making yourselves at home as you are in your own cars.

In a nutshell, using public transport always has both advantages and disadvantages. The best way to travel is choosing your forms of transport flexibly which is suitable for your personal purposes.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,430 4691  
Oct 8, 2023   #2
Seeing as this is a task 2 essay, you should not be coming to any conclusions or offering any advice to the reader at the end of the presentation. You are only being asked to make a comparison of the available forms of transportation. You are not being asked to influence the opinion of the reader. Therefore, your essay will lose points for trying to change the original writing instruction to one that you think should be written. Follow the writing instructions or lose points in terms of Task Accuracy. Do not alter it, do not change it, do not make "improvements" to the presentation. Those will be considered prompt deviations and could result in the essay receiving a failing mark.

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