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'I am alone and defenceless' - Gothic horror essay

DaisyLouise26xx 1 / -  
Dec 5, 2015   #1
My black, leather jacket is being repeatedly buffeted by the howling gale. The smell of fresh blood proceeding to run through my nose; triggering my senses. Just standing here. My mind not being able to take in the unnerving noises approaching me; coming closer and closer. Frozen. The wind howling; the darkness is creeping up on me from the peripheral images of my eye, seeming to be berating me. Berating me for my presence.

Various noises became recognisable. The slight laughter was lifted by my ear, within the concoction of noises surrounding me. The laughter seeming to belong to some sort of demon? My mind is slowly processing the noise, instantly I find myself turning. I am spinning around, searching for the unknown source. I'm trying to focus on the noises but all I could seem to hear is the thudding noises of my heart trying to escape from my chest.

My eyes are then suddenly redirected to a source of light. I am peering through every gap the trees are providing me with. There, in the far distance is what looked to be a children's playground. Next to it is a tall, slim light of some sort. I am still trying to assimilate the idea of approaching the creepy looking site. I can just about discern the structure of a swing.

Swinging back...
... And forth.
... And forth.
... And forth.

There's no one present but the wind alone seems to have created a rhythm. As I blinked, all of a sudden the playground disappeared. Gone. Vanished.

The noise was present again. I'm trying to listen closely. More noises appeared; footsteps, crunching of branches. Something is walking towards me; each and every footstep is giving me goose bumps, shivers are shooting up my spine.

The earth feels as if it's vanishing from beneath me; the ground is swallowing me. I still don't understand what possessed me to advance to the woods, all I know is this is my worst possible nightmare. All of a sudden a cold breeze diffused across me, making my body shiver from top to bottom. This left me feeling apprehensive. I know something is going to happen, I'm just waiting. The breeze suddenly got stronger. It is getting closer; saliva is building in my mouth, I feel sick. Out of the corner of my left eye, I can see a shadow. I dare not to look. It rushed through the trees, it's coming closer. My heart's thudding now, I am just praying I am oblivious to this thing, whatever it is. I seem to find my body numbing, leaving me immobile.

Now there is a number of demons circling me; all weaving in and out of the trees. My stomach is churning; they are daunting me. I feel as if they are snatching the breath from within me; out of my lungs. They are closing in on me; virtually touching me. I can feel myself starting to lose consciousness. Flashing images appeared; an image of shooting objects flew across my face. Is this in my head or is it not even an image; is it a reality? I'm trying to keep my eyes open for the longest time possible, one blink could direct me to my death. I can feel my eyes flickering shut, slowing coming together as one piece, but I can't move; I can't control it. Standing here; stiff as the corpse of a hanged man. My eyes are fixed on the sky; black as charcoal. I never really believed in God, but right now, I thought, wouldn't be a bad time to call upon him. Suddenly, something strange happened; everything went blank, as if I had lost all sense of life. I can't comprehend whether I am still looking at the sky or if I am unconscious.

My sight is becoming present again, the apparitions have vanished. Just a bright light is present in my surroundings. I carry on staring forward; my body still stationary. Is that the end? Where am I? Im still cemented in my position. Do I move...? I do not move however I am now screaming. My body is plummeting through the air, the only thing in sight is light. It disappeared. My soul is now reconnected with my body, giving me the sense of movement; but still I dare not to even move, I am apprehensive of breathing during this moment. Nothing seems to be present; just trees.

I'm rolling my eyes from left to right; praying no ghouls will appear. I feel myself developing tachycardia; something is coming for me, I know it is. All that is available to my eye is the tree branches swaying. Suddenly, my ears feel as if they are bleeding. A high shriek resonated through my ears. I pulled my hands over my ears in order to attempt to re-route the noise. After a few minutes, the sound of heaving breathing became present; are my eyes open? I can now feel breathing on the left side of my neck; I'm still standing stationery.

Unaware of what is to come, I turn back. There, standing right in front of me, the worst creature to be present on this Earth. Its grotesque, wrinkly face penetrating my mind expeditiously. It's frightful, ghostly eyes, as red as blood, piercing through my skull, withdrawing every hope of survival. The incorporeal figure is staring at me, maliciously. It is standing in front of me in its dusky cloak, just staring. I'm just staring right back at it. It didn't move; I didn't move. My eyes fixed on the structure of this figure.

I am alone and defenceless. Only I can save myself...

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