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[essays] is it appropriate for magazine or newspaper to give private information about people?

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Dec 7, 2014   #1
Hey guys :D I'm back! Preparing for new tests. This is an IELTS topic, but I'm required to write it at least 300 words, so please don't bother if it's too long! Thanks in advance for your comments :d

Topic: Many newspapers and magazines feature sotries about the private lives of famous people. We know what they eat, where they buy their clothes and who they love. We also often see pictures of them in private situations.

Is this appropriate for a magazine or newspaper to give this kind of private information about people?

In this era of the booming media, many people's lives, especially renowned ones, are increasingly exposed to publicity. In my opinion, even though this trend is of economic values and provides a chance for wishful readers to learn from their models, it is highly inappropriate regarding human's rights violation and a number of negative impacts yielded on many people.

Admittedly, offering private information brings certain merits to the finance and the readers. As for the former, this kind of doing helps make a handsome profit. Mindful of the market-based economy where the demand of customers matters the most, the producers may utilize private information of celebrities to arouse the public interest, hence, dramatically boost the revenue. Also, this practice may give rise to employment as more and more paparazzi need to be hired to risk their neck following celebrities or, sometimes, intruding their privacy to get the best shot. Moreover, with a revelatory window into famous people's world, some readers might stand a chance to emulate in terms of their habits or strategies, in pursuit of a similar success. The more that the public knows about celebrities, the more lessons drawn and the more possible some people could follow suit.

However, obtaining and disseminating personal pictures and stories of the reputable is highly erroneous. First, it is the famous' rights of privacy, proclaimed in the national legislations, as equal as that of any ordinary people, which is violated. Apparently, those who feel that their lives are overly infiltrated are entitled a rightful voice to report to the court and have the newspapers or magazines compensate. More alarmingly is the negative effects that such private leakage has on both the well-known and the public. Indeed, the victims of such relentless surveillance are prone to a sense of insecurity - the culprit of stress and agitation - which can possibly result in a downward spiral in their career performance. Princess Diana is exemplary in this case as she was reported to have died in a car chase in the hope of escaping the annoying photographers in 1997. Meanwhile, not all famous individuals are ideal moral models for people, especially youngsters to replicate. The famous may have leveraged a number of scandals or portray unacceptable behaviors to be known so that any attempt to learn from them culminates in the mind of people spoiled and mislead. That people probably reinvent the wheel and become notorious is an inevitable consequence.

In conclusion, providing private information about celebrities brings about monetary benefits and valuable lessons, nevertheless, it violates the national laws and has adverse influence on many people. To my mind, what benefits only a minority but heavily harms many others like this practice is not an appropriate doing.

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Dec 7, 2014   #2
There is a side to the argument that you have failed to present as a counter argument to your stand that newspapers and magazines should not share private information about people. Celebrities such as actors and people who were born into the spotlight (such as Prince William) and those who married into it (Duchess Kate and Princess Diana) become public property because of their chosen profession or status in life. Therefore, everything they do is of interest to people. People themselves like to be voyeurs into the private lives of these people and pay the magazines and newspapers to do just that. Those who purchase paparazzi magazines and tabloid journals feed this kind of business. Therefore, the reasoning that it is wrong for these yellow journalists to be selling the information about these people becomes flawed. There are people interested in this information so there will be people willing to sell access to that data. With 300 words for this essay, you could have balanced the discussion more by weighing both sides of the issue and then coming to your own conclusion about the thesis statement.

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