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It is argued that students should focus on their main major instead of trying to learn other subject

linyin 1 / -  
Sep 1, 2023   #1

Some university students want to learn about other subjects in addition to their main subjects

It is argued that students should focus on their main major instead of trying to learn other subjects additionally. In my opinion, I believe the wider knowledge boundary, the more opportunities in the future.

There are two vital reasons for university students to spend their entire time paying attention to their study. Firstly, studying subjects which are not included in the educational curriculum could be a waste of time and money. For example, it is nonsensical to take time to practice anatomy while majoring in business administration. Furthermore, these subjects also make no improvement for doing jobs in their majors. Secondly, trying a lot of things at the same time can lead to losing orientation. It is usually described as "jack-of-all-trades, master of none". Obviously, a master-of-none makes no value in the market then the consequence of failure is easy to predict.

Despite the above arguments, I believe that students who study outside the range of their areas will have the edge over others. The demands of employers now require more and more highly intellectual students to join the market thanks to the development of economics and society. A clear case of this is in the field of law, an expert lawyer in mergers and acquisitions will not only need the understanding about the legal framework but also about the business strategy. Moreover, globalization also creates a trend in multidisciplinary coordination that asks for interaction and interdependence between spheres. Therefore, it is essential for students to arm themselves with transdisciplinary cornerstones for the future.

In conclusion, I believe learning a wide range of subjects will be crucial for university students to be well-prepared to become the future labor force.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Sep 16, 2023   #2
You just gave a contradicting discussion in this essay that will cause it to gain a failing score based on the confusion of the exam revewer when it comes to assessing your task accuracy. You misread the instructions. This is not a comparison discussion essay. You were to strengthen the discussion only for your given opinion. You were not able to present any viable and solid reasons to believe that your given opinion is good because you contradicted yourself in the actual discussion. As such, your essay will be scored based on 2 deductions:

1. The confusion as to what your personal opinion really is.
2. The lack of proper personal opinion development/explanation.

You cannot use this format for a single opinion essay presentation

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