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IELTS TASK 1: bar chart- percentage of the population living in urban areas in different parts

trangdo26 1 / -  
Jul 2, 2023   #1

numbers of cities inhabitants and prediction for the future

The given graph compares the percentage of the population living in cities in six regions of the world in three different years, including predictions for the year 2050.

Overall, it can be seen that there is an upward trend in the growth of urban population in all six parts mentioned. In addition, the highest figures are always witnessed in North America, whereas Africa is constantly the lowest in the proportion of urban dwellers, despite dramatic growth over the given period.

According to the chart, 64% of people in NA already lived in cities by 1950, increasing to 79% in 2007 and it is predicted to rise to 90% in 2050. It is also noticeable that in 2007 the number of people living in urban areas in LA and C surpassed Europe and will be higher than Europe by 2030. On the other hand, 62% of the population in Oceania settled in cities in 1950, which was higher than in Europe and in LA/C, but it was then exceeded by these two regions in 2007 and is predicted to be 76% in 2050.

In Africa, there will be a fourfold increase in the percentage of city dwellers over a 100-year period, from 15% in 1950 to 62% in 2050. The same dramatic change in the proportion of people in cities will be witnessed in Asia between 1950 and 2050, from just 17% to 66%.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Jul 8, 2023   #2
This is a task 1 essay with a 20 minute writing allotment. You cannot possibly write this many words during that given time. You are cutting it too close to the time allowance for the task 2 essay, which you will not be able to complete if you spend too much time writing the task 1 essay. Focus on quick information sharing for task 1, do not over analyze it in a way that cuts into the task 2 writing time.

You should make sure that you identify the type of graph provided for the report. A graph is a general reference to a type of measurement trend. There are several types of graphs that can be referred to. For clarity and GRA sake, you must properly inform the reader as to the type of image used so they can create the correct mental image for the graph.
thaoly2007 4 / 6  
Jul 8, 2023   #3
Your writing is too long for this task (233 words), you should write about 150-180 words. There are too many number of years in your text, I suggest that you change them into "at the beginning of the period" or " over the period of ..years", etc.
dangngoctung4 4 / 7 1  
Jul 8, 2023   #4
Make sure to post an image of a graph, chart, or pie based on the prompt for better assessment because we can follow your essay through it.

Also, in my opinion, the ideal word range in Task 1 is from 175 to 200 maximum. Do not exceed this for the balance between two tasks.

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