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"Before Breakfast," Drama Essay

bolivartech 1 / -  
Jun 4, 2008   #1
I'm writing my first essay for a Composition II class on a Drama, Before Breakfast. I just need some quick feed back on how I'm doing so far. I don't have a conclusion yet, and it's just the first rough draft. Thanks for the input!

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Are your clothes new and clean? Many times we take for granted the objects in our life and how they affect us. The story of the Rowland's in Eugene O'Neill's Before Breakfast is one of a struggling New York couple viewed through the eyes of the wife. O'Neill's objective point of view shows Mrs. Rowland's bias through her clothing, the stale breakfast, and condition of the flat.

"... inclined to a shapeless stoutness, accentuated by her formless blue dress, shabby and worn." (890) The author paints a picture of a woman who has not taken the time to take care of herself. This gives the impression that she either lacks the money or time to do so. In addition the character, Mrs. Rowland, appears distressed by this causing the reader to sympathize with her right from the start. In contrast when speaking of "a man's coat and vest" he gives no further description. Unlike the wife's dress and apron we are not led to believe they are in the same condition.

Truly the condition of the flat bears a great deal of meaning to O'Neill's approach. With it neglected plants and clothing hanging out in the open it is easy to see why this might have an effect on a person. Mrs. Rowland says "I'm sick of having this place in a continual muss on your account.", as if to imply the fault lies entirely with the husband.

While the unkempt nature of the flat is important so is the meager breakfast. The most basic meal is all that is available, "bread and butter and coffee." (892) And to top it off "The bread's stale," (892) which is demonstrated by her slamming it upon the table. The author show us that she

EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Jun 5, 2008   #2
Good morning :)

You have a good rough draft so far. You support your viewpoints with the text. It flows well so far, your hook is good, and you develop the point you make it it nicely.

As you continue, make sure your main focus stays on what you want your reader to know; don't get sidetracked by format and syntax yet in the first draft, as you can always do that later. Get in everything you want to say first. What is the focus of your essay? Are you writing an analysis or critique of the work?

Nice work!

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