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Causes and effects of urban sprawl - drastic changes in living patterns

Nguyenvananh 2 / 1  
Mar 9, 2020   #1

Moving to low-density residential areas

Nowadays, urban sprawl is a global trend for many reasons and leaves more effects on cities. Urban sprawl which means that cities are expanding often in an uncontrolled way is the movement of a population from populated cities to low-density residential development. According to surveys, the UN World Urbanization Prospects estimates 4.1 billion people who live in urban in 2017 and urbanization in the world has been dramatically increasing. First of all, cities are overpopulated and do not have enough space for people to live. The centers always attract numerous laborers from the countryside or suburbs because of the developing economy and high standard of life. More and more people come to municipal zones that make cities overcrowded. On the other hand, housings and lands are complicated matters to resolve.in build-up patterns. Due to the expensive prices and the lack of accommodation locations, people will tend to move to places that have lower cost lands and houses like rural areas or small provinces. The process of urbanization is happening rapidly follow from the migration of population from urban areas to rural lands or around areas; it that brings impacts on the whole regions. Hence, the economy and standard of living are getting better in agricultural areas. In short, drastic changes in living patterns will be a result of urban sprawl.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,648 4752  
Mar 9, 2020   #2
The presentation could use more formatting. It is too compressed on the page, making it difficult to read. Use paragraphs to discuss various sections representing the topic. Each related topic needs to have its own paragraph. It helps make it easier to understand on the reader's part. You need to perfect your English word usage. For example, people live in urban areas, they do not live in urban. Also, when referring to researched information, you need to cite your source. That gives your essay a more authoritative slant and gives the readers verified information instead of just simple information. The work you did in this essay is not bad for a simple practice exercise. You show that you have somewhat control of word formation and sentence structures. You show the potential to eventually become a writer with a strong control of the written English language. Keep practicing. You will get there.

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