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Causes and solutions to problems with student bad behaviour-ielts task2

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Oct 11, 2011   #1
Please help me improve this writing. Give me some comments and a score if possible. Thank you very much!
In many countries, schools have severe problems with student behavior. What do you think is the cause of this? What solutions can you suggest?
Nowadays, there are severe problems with student behavior at school in many countries such as less respect to teachers, school violence, production of sex clips in class and so on. These problems cause negative effects on studying and teaching and become controversial topics in our society. In this essay, I will point out causes of the problems and suggest some solutions.

It's likely that student's bad behavior is the result of some following reasons. Firstly, because of internet's development, students can have access to a variety of information .Some may log on black webs and they are easily poisoned with false information or wrong lifestyle. When they have mistaken awareness, they will have bad behavior to study, other students and their teachers. For example, if a student spends so much time watching violent actions or playing action games, he may be obsessed with violence and may have same actions in real life. Secondly, lack of family and school's care can lead to student's bad behaviors. For instance, some students want to be center of attention by their naughty games. In many cases, students follow their bad friends to play truant and fight with other students and even have a curse.

Educating students to become good citizens and useful people is the duty of family, school and society. To deal with severe problems, we need strong collaborations of all the elements. The government should have tough measures to block black websites and control public information. Parents should spend more time with their children, care about their children's study and relationships and help them overcome their hard periods .It is recommended that educational programs such as providing sex education, rewarding good examples of students and honoring the students' respect to teachers should be widely held at school and that healthy activities and competitions should be encouraged to lead students to good lifestyles.

In conclusion, there are many reasons leading to the problems with students' bad behavior at school Therefore, governments, schools and families should shake hands to find best solutions to these problems

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