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causes and solutions for problems with student behavior

trang_12934 2 / 5  
Jan 2, 2011   #1
Although human receive so many advantages from developed technology and economy, they also suffer negative aspects of it. Especially, teenagers are sensitive and easily effected by environment. Problems of student behavior at school are more and more common nowadays. Some main reasons and solutions for this will be discussed as follows.

First of all, modern life with higher speed makes people have to face to more changes and difficulties. That is why the adults are often lake of time for their children. School cannot replace family, children need be loved, took care and educated by their parents. Some children who grow up without care from parents often meet troubles at school and in society as well. They might be isolated, selfish, aggressive, and dishonest. So, family is the major factor leads children's behavior.

Second, children have many channels to get information such as internet, books, DVDs, TV, etc. If they are not old enough to distinct between good and bad things, they will imitate what they see. That's why violence at school happens much more than in the past, especially in girl students. They have rude actions to their friends, even their teachers. These warn us about education quality nowadays.

So, there are some solutions to cope with this problem. First, parents should spend more time for their children, sympathetic to them and help them to overcome difficulties in studying or in life. Second, teachers should keep in touch with family to associate each other in teaching children, guide them how to use media tools usefully, and be strict enough to maintain disciplines at school. However, the adults have to show their kindness to children, forgive for their mistakes, and encourage their strong points. It's the best way to help children.

In short, I strong believe that no one is bad at birth. Family, school and society should take responsibilities for student misbehavior; choose the appropriate method to solve problems. The important thing is we have to do everything by heart because children are our future.

LUDACRISS007 3 / 4  
Jan 2, 2011   #2
in the first paragraph change the human at the beginning to humans.
but all in all a good read.i liked it. :D

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