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what causes students to cheat on the tests?

Dec 6, 2010   #1
Topic: What causes students to cheat on the tests
Nowadays, while the demand for educated labour is higher and higher, there less and less wokers who can apply this requirement. This problem may origin from the students' ability to cheat in exams. There are two main reasons for cheating.

The major reason which leads to the popularity of cheating on the tests is that learners always desire to have good grades. Most students who cheat on the tests usually have the big stress from their family about getting good marks. Similarly, if they see many classmates have high marks, they also want that fame. Therefore, these pressures unintentionally cause students to value their good marks much more than their own knowledge. Eventually, they do anything they can to achieve good marks, even cheating on the tests.

Another important reason is the lack of high self-esteem. Students with high self-esteem will feel too embarrassed to cheat on the tests. Instead, they think they have to study hard so that they will get full marks thanks to their own knowledge. In contrast, students with low self-esteem cheat on the tests whenever possible. They just think about the result they can get because of cheating and do not feel something wrong for their behaviour.

In conclusion, the wish for good marks and lack of self-respect are the contributing factors to cheating in exams. In the future, if the awareness of student about cheating are not still raised, our society which is based on the workers who know little will be hard to develop fully.

Please correct and give me your comments about the content, vocabulary, grammmar, organization and mechanics of this essay. Any suggestions will be also appreciated. Thanks for your concern!

Dec 6, 2010   #2
I am very grateful for your help :)
Thanks to your correction, I realize that I have many problems concerning repetition and the ways of expressing my opinions. By the way, I also thought of the alternative ways to correct my errors

1. cheat on the tests/ during exams---deceive in exams/tests???
2. The last sentence---And if students now want to continue to get top grades through cheating, they will become worthless workers in the future. Consequently, imagine that how bad our society would be???

Do you think it is better?
I look forward to receiving your reply.Thanks again for your correction.
Have a nice day!
Dec 7, 2010   #3
Hi again...i think, while using the word 'Consequently', you'd better aviod asking questions. In conclusion part you should give your personal view,or possible solution by just generalizing the whole essay,without giving the facts or number... Here is my e-mail; choosenright@mail.ru. I'm also taking ielts... I think we can exchange our experiences in term of writing essays...will look forward to your response...

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