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Celebrities complain about the way the media publicize their private lives. Agree/disargree

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Sep 18, 2023   #1

the private lives of Celebrities

Recent years have experienced a proliferation of opinions that celebrities' should endure the way the media publicize their personal information and live without complaints as a part of expense for reputation. In my opinion, I totally disagree with this view because privacy is one of human's basic rights and it is able to cause detrimental impacts on celebrities' relationships and mental health.

A reason why I oppose the idea is that one of the most fundamental rights of humans is privacy. It is important to acknowledge that well-known individuals like everyone else, deserve to have their personal information and fame does not mean they forfeit their life to privacy. They should have the ability to appreciate their own relationships, family time and downtime without constant intrusion of media such as unscrupulous reporters. If the media endeavor to showcase superstars' private lives, this activity could have an impact on the felicity of celebs.

Another explanation is that the activity to expose secret lives of celebs has the capability to negatively influence their relationships and mental health. In fact, the constant scrutiny and invasion of privacy can cause tension and mistrust among people around them such as family members and partners. In addition, the pressure of constantly maintaining a flawless image can not only lead to strained relationships, breakups but also mental health consequences - depression and anxiety disorders, hence it is a challenge for superstars to navigate their personal lives as well as manage their appearance for professional commitments.

In conclusion, I am in total disagreement with the view that people who achieve reputation should not express their thoughts and feelings of being exposed their personal information and lives. This is because privacy is one of the most basic human freedoms, and it has the potential to harm celebrities' bonds and psychological well-being.

Home / Writing Feedback / Celebrities complain about the way the media publicize their private lives. Agree/disargree
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