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'children need both mother and father' - bringing children up issue

tolinh0311 1 / -  
Jan 2, 2012   #1
my writing is very bad so I hope your advices to make me better..thank a lot :D

Topic : fatherhood is emphasized as much as mother hood. The idea that women are solely responsible for deciding whether or not to have babies lead to the idea that they are also responsibility for bringing the children up.

Family is important element which contribute sociality so it is best place for growing children up. However, nowadays, there are many single parents take care their child without husband or wife so this phenomenon is not good for children. In my opinion, children need both mother and father to bring them up and it is not only just responsibility of women but also men's.

The first, the deciding whether not have baby or not which should from two directions as husband and wife because the baby is result of their love so he will take care carefully and mother who is in pregnant will be supported and look after from husband. Moreover, husband's actions will be a good effect into his wife's mental and make fetus pretty grow.

The second, single mothers is not straight any more and be a new trend in modern live. They live, and take care child without husband. In addition, they do not want to be bounden with marriage live but they can have to face with stress from child feeding, work and unstable sexuality because they do not have husband to share or talk with them about work and take care children when they are busy or absent. They have to face with risk of sex and easily they can be angry with their child and make a child have negative thinking and bad imagine of mother so it can change child's behavior as always fell boring or angry.

Last, if a child only have mother he can be unconfident because he can compare his circumstance with his friend and always want to ask why so easily he can be autism. Moreover, his relationships become fall. In addition, if his mother is absent, he has nobody to talk and share feeling when he feels boring.

In sum, children will grow up well when they have both mother and father because the love and caring of parent make their characteristic like mom or dad. the responsibility for bringing child up is both parent's is not only for any body so fatherhood and motherhood is important for children.

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