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Children are needed to master foreign language to face the global world - IELTS

Anfalia 40 / 56 23  
Sep 27, 2014   #1
Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.

Children are tomorrow assets for the nation. They are needed to master foreign language to face the global world. Experts believe that primary school is better level for children to learn foreign language than secondary school. Although this case consists of merits and demerits, I would argue that early school should help the children grow into responsible life of the world because it is the best time for them to easily accept the knowledge includes the second language.

Learning second language is effective for children's brain development because their brain is still fresh in receiving the new language. A research informs American children are predicted successfully in learning Spanish as a second language. This is evidence that learning second language is easy for students in primary school. However, parents should take a role when school does not provide second language lesson. Parents should send their children to some courses to learn the second language. It gives better solution than they learn in adult age because that age tends to difficulty think and accept the language in their mind. Again they cannot avoid the second language because it helps their future life.

However, some people argue that learning second language is not prominent for children because other lessons are more important, such as math and science. Also, learning second language is wasting time. Firstly, other lessons such as math and science are much better in children's brain development. When children study math, they use their multiple perspective to solve problem precisely in the learning process. They are asked to show their logic argument as to how the questions are figured out. Furthermore, learning science influences further at that age. On an almost daily basis, neuroscience, among others is opening up vast new horizons in our understanding of how the brain works. Young children create neural connections at an astonishing rate. The strength and resiliency of these connections depends on the quality of children's learning experiences as infants, toddler, and preschools. Secondly, learning second language just wasted time. Even they spend yearly to study and master foreign language. Commonly, they put on the second of main lessons in their school only want to focus in second language. It was a common assumption that exposure to more than one language would confuse young children and could lead to developmental delays. As a result children spend much time in this case.

The aforementioned evidence examines that human brain is the next great frontier in scientific progress. Although math and science claim that it is excellent for children's development, second language is the first-rate lesson should be learned by them at primary school. Where possible that child should master in both second language and science or math at child age for children's future development.
Vns9x 102 / 236 16  
Sep 27, 2014   #2
Try to use those transitions more like although even though therefore thereby etc to make your essay more coherent
hamedmas 27 / 58 19  
Sep 27, 2014   #3
The second paragraph is totally disagree with the prompt. But in the introduction you support the idea of the learning the second language.

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