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English is no longer a foreign language; it is now a global language. IELTS TASK 2.

bottles 3 / 16  
May 1, 2016   #1
Question: The advantages brought by the spread of English as a "global language" will outweigh the disadvantages. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this view?


It is no doubt true that English language has already played a dominant role in the world. Some people argue that this social phenomenon is not a good trend while others hold an opposite idea. This essay will discuss both of these two opinions.

On the one hand, English language is essential in our daily life in terms of work, study, and life. Many international corporations choose English as their business language during numerous commercial conferences; a lot of prestigious universities select English as their main teaching language; English boards and signs can be found everywhere in a big city. People use English to transfer their ideas and feelings, to achieve business targets, and to gain more teaching resources. Needless to say, English is very important, and users should give priority to learn this language.

On the other hand, it may also be harmful to the cultural diversity. There are millions of countries with diverse languages. If citizens all over the world used the same language, they might lose their valuable cultural heritage. For example, many American Indian languages have permanently vanished after cultural assimilation because stronger and bigger language has a huge impact on smaller countries. This could definitely be a huge loss to all human beings.

In conclusion, by introducing English language, people can be provided with the opportunities to talk to and learn from each other; however, people should also take action to preserve or revive their mother tongue.
Mimi07 9 / 15 2  
May 1, 2016   #2
Hi writer, please allow me give some sugestions to you.

I think in the first paragraph you can mention what is your statement for this essay, are you argue or disagree and give your reason.

On the one hand, >> You can use it for your thir paragraph, not in your second paragraph.

In the second paragraph, I think you have many ideas, try to find and describe your idea with many example.

Keep writing
OP bottles 3 / 16  
May 2, 2016   #3
thank you for your invaluable advice. I just want to use limited time to finish my essay, and it was finished within 30 minutes. In test environment, I don't have too much time to shape my ideas and words.
suxiaojing 13 / 18 7  
May 2, 2016   #4
Hi, bottles:

I think your essay is understandable, but it is better if you can put your own opinion in the first paragraph, because your essay seems like answering the question"discuss both opinions" rather than"agree or disagree"

Also, the topic focus on "advantages outweigh disadvantages" However, you didn't show if the advantages outweigh disadvantages...

You just list the advantages and disadvantages of speaking English.

So, Actually, you didn't answer the question.

i hope if you support"advantages outweigh disadvantages", you should list more ideas to support this opinion and explain your ideas in details.

At the same time, use"admittedly" to oppose the opinion that you don't agree with.In that way, you can make your essay clear and stronger.

Hope that can help you!
OP bottles 3 / 16  
May 2, 2016   #5
Hello suxiaojing,

You have a sharp insight. Thanks a million for your comments.

suxiaojing 13 / 18 7  
May 2, 2016   #6
Also I notice that you said you need to finish your essay in 30minutes so you don't have enough time to shape your idea and word.

Actually when I practice my essay, I can finish it on time even though sometimes it is more than 300 words, so you should practice more to make sure you have enough range of vocabulary and express your ideas smoothly so that when you answer your IELTS essay, you will find you don't need to spend much time on your sentences and words, you just need to answer the question.

Keep writing!!
aviniwirastri [Contributor] 10 / 35 11  
May 12, 2016   #7
hi bottles,
let me give you some comments.

to answer agree / disagree question, like many comments above, yes you need to state your position clearly at first. then you can go with your thesis.

On the one hand, English language is essential in our daily life in terms of work, study, and life.

you body paragraph (2nd and 3rd)
the ideas you mention is too general. it means that you need to rearrange it become more academic. you can follow the steps below.
1. plan first what you want to write. make sure that you have some options. so it is recommended that you make more than one idea each paragraph. then you can choose an idea which has wider point of view.

2. structure the sentence.
simply you can follow the steps : idea - reason - example - result.
or, to make it more complex, you can use : idea - reason - example - contrast - result - solution.
make sure that supporting sentences, following the idea, is coherent.

example :
English is used in many different aspects in the world today, businesses, studies and sorts of international cooperation. it seems impossible to replace it by any other language. (idea)

even though Chinese is now spreading worldwide, English is still dominant due to some reasons. the first, besides one of the oldest language in the world, English has more than a million words in total, with approximately new 8000 words per year. it means that English is appropriate to be an international language. secondly, as a developed country, U.K contributes to many advanced technologies and developments around the world. therefore a number of sources and knowledge are written in English. (reason)

to illustrate, some universities in developing and commonwealth countries use references provided by U.K. as a consequence, learning English is a must in order to gain the knowledge that they never learnt before. (example / illustration)

As a result, Experts, students and societies gradually open their mind to receive a new language, English, as a door of information and science. thus they start to learn it. (result)

the last paragraph :
In conclusion, by introducing English language, people can be providedwithhave the opportunities (...) or revive their mother tonguelanguage
thank you, i hope it will be useful. -)

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