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Choice between competition and cooperation in the student's learning.

Hana_Nguyen 2 / 3  
May 31, 2015   #1
There is an irrefutable fact that every student has to choose between cooperation and competition in their learning. Each of them has either weakness and strong differentiation. I believe that cooperation has more benefit than drawbacks.

It is clearly that cooperation has some noteworthy positive effects. The first main,each student is supported together. They argued their problems and the answer is taken by their own compromise. Another benefit would be that expands relations. That is an opportunity to meet and learn academic skills and knowledge more when they are teammates. However, there are some negative aspects that should be taken into consideration. It would be that wastes time. Students are easily not focus a main idea while they are discussing about their project. They have many more answers to resolve problem, or that even is given far away topic.

By contrast, people who choose competitive, lack of social skill for future work. They do not have "team spirit". Sometimes, if they might meet some hardly problem, they would concentrate in trouble more than find how to solve it. However, it has some important advantage. We become better while trying to our best. We take knowledge more than a group. Besides, we can create to motivate to learn higher for own ours.

Therefore, the choice between cooperation and competition are based carefully on characteristic, living life and student's knowledge. Student have enough clearheaded to choose. In my thinking, I need to connect other people and create knowledge relationships for my future. That is reason that I choose cooperation in my during learning.

Mustafa1991 8 / 373 4  
Jun 1, 2015   #2
Needs work. Grammar issues abound, but I'll suggest a more clear and coherent messaging.

#1 Students learn in the same classes, but the teacher must administer learning objectives and methods to meet expectations. Supervision of organizational approaches dictate the way of learning. Students can study by themselves or in collaboration. In the first scenario, students must ensure they are meeting goals through challenge and competitive pressure. In scenario two, students must work together to achieve an understanding of roles and they must learn to compromise.

Indeed, competition motivates people to achieve beyond their capacity due to external incentive. It incites application and problem solving to tasks which the student takes ownership of. Students retain more knowledge individually so the learning yield is higher.

Group interfacing presents opportunities to learn social skills and balance relative strength and weakness effectively. Collaboration involves hazards such as free-loading, disagreement, and disproportionate reliance on the planning of leaders, thereby neglecting other members.

Advantages of collaboration are many. Peace of mind knowing you have support and are not solely responsible; this enables effective coordination of disparate elements in conjunction with one another. But groupthink, complacency, and disputes can undermine the integrity of the task.

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