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mrice4 1 / -  
Jan 26, 2013   #1
I am writing this essay on climate change, and I need feedback on pretty much everything, especially formatting and grammar. Also, is there anywhere I need more information. I also need help on an introduction and conclusion. These are the points I need to address

Climate Affecting Humans - Tax Benefits Solutions

Thank you!

Even though climate change is partially caused by the natural cycles of Earth, humans are still a major part of it. Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, absorb and emit heat in the atmosphere, keeping Earth warm enough to support life. However, human activities, such as burning fossil fuels, are adding large amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Earth must get rid of energy at the same rate it receives energy. More greenhouse gases mean that more heat is being held in the atmosphere, which in turn makes temperatures higher. All the greenhouse gases people have added to the atmosphere are making temperatures rise faster than they are supposed to, which will cause a multitude of problems that will offset the balance of the global ecosystem.

In the future, climate change will affect people worldwide. To start with, there will be increased health risks. Rising temperatures will cause longer and more common heat waves, which result in more heat-related injuries and deaths. Rising sea levels will cause flooding and increase standing water, which can serve as breeding grounds for malaria and other parasites. Floods will also increase coastal erosion, and destroy people's homes. This includes New York, Florida, and other coastal states. Rising sea levels will flood coastal areas like Florida, New York, and New Orleans. Thousands of people will be displaced, and coastal erosion will accelerate. Additionally, higher temperatures will cause problems. Longer and more intense heat waves will cause heat-related injuries. Freshwater availability worldwide is dwindling due to higher evaporation rates, which means that the planet is losing a vital resource. By the middle of the 21st century, water supplies in already dry regions are estimated to decrease by 10 to 30 percent. Food supplies are also at risk, as it is harder to grow crops in environmental conditions altered by climate change. According to the EPA, American corn production could be reduced by 10 to 30 percent if the temperature rises 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Measures to stop climate change need to be taken now, because we will experience its effects during our lifetimes. Since it has not affected us very much yet, not very many people are aware of it. We need to raise awareness now, because once we see its effects, it will be too late. We still have time. The majority of climate scientists agree that we can avoid the worst impacts of climate change if we stabilize greenhouse gas levels around 450-550 ppm. Greenhouse gas levels are currently around 380 ppm, so we do not have very much time to stabilize them. In order to avoid causing irreversible damage to Earth, scientists have concluded that emissions need to peak in 2015, then decline by 50 percent by 2050. This is something that must be accomplished within a couple years. Obviously, climate change is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed now.

Despite the fact that climate change is progressing, there are still ways that it can be slowed down. To start with, the government should work to raise awareness about global warming, and what people can do to help. Most people know about climate change, but they do not realize what will happen if nothing is done. They also may not realize that they can make a difference by doing little things, like recycling. In addition, the government should offer tax benefits for people who use clean energy. Fossil fuels, such as oil and coal, are the largest sources of carbon emission, and phasing them out would significantly reduce the human impact on the environment. Offering tax benefits promote use of clean energy, but will still allow people to choose to use fossil fuels.
Didgeridoo - / 306 191  
Jan 26, 2013   #2
I think you did a good job of addressing all of your points. Do you need an introduction before your background, because background information generally goes in the introductory paragraph, and your first paragraph would make a good introduction. As for a conclusion, just reiterate that people may not be able to see anything wrong with the Earth right now, but climate change is still a pressing issue that needs to be addressed immediately, because the most important and lasting gift we can give the future a healthy Earth... Or something like that.

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